Bringing in a refurbished Samsung S7


I’ve ordered a SIM card from RW today and am bringing in a refurbished Samsung S7 compatible with RW system, or so it says. I’m getting the refurbished phone from Best Buy. So how do I get a phone # for this phone? I assume it has no phone # on it. Does that process happen after I put the sim card in? I’m totally confused on this whole process. I’m coming from a flip phone to the modern day and age. If things work out I will want to transfer my old cell # over to RW, I’m Old School and old…lol
Thanks for any help


Hi Craig,

When you activate the phone it will be assigned a phone number. The activation process is described here: Activate | Republic Wireless


Thankyou Southpaw



You’re welcome. You can also check to be sure your existing number can be brought to Republic (something you can do later, as long as the existing number remains activated) in the checking tool haflway down this page: Switch to Republic | Republic Wireless


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