Bringing in Phones - Reevaluation of RW after 7 years

Here is my current situation:
1 - I have a Moto G6 with annual plan from Republic Wireless.
2 - I have a Blackview 9800 with free plan from FreedomPop.
3 - The Republic Plan is up for renewal in a few weeks.
4 - The FreedomPop plan is discontinued (lol).
5 - Generally, this is a ‘house phone’ (BV) and a ‘mobile phone’ (RW).

Desired situation is to move to housePhoneG6 and mobilePhoneBV.

I’d like to stick with RW. That said - it doesn’t seem that RW supports BV as a mobile. On the surface - Google Fi offers the first 5 months for free - which is attractive - especially considering its general $20/mo vs RW $17/mo annual plan with rollover data. Tello seems to offer $10/month unlimited call/text+1GB of data.

I’ve been with RW since Feb 2014 (7 years) - but it would appear that RW doesn’t support my current preferred phone and doesn’t have competitively priced plans - is my understanding accurate?

Republic Wireless doesn’t support your current preferred phone.

Hi @keithb.tlqxab,

Have you verified with Tello and/or Google Fi, the Blackview 9800 will work with their services? I ask because while the phone appears to support the necessary bands (radio frequencies), it’s unclear if it is certified for VoLTE on T-Mobile’s network. Both Tello and Fi use T-Mobile’s network. Historically, T-Mobile has been very liberal regarding phones activated on its network. With the emergence of 5G and planned sunset of legacy 3G and 2G networks, that seems to be changing.

I have - but it appears that Mint Mobile is the technically superior solution ($18/mo, 4gb data, yearly contract).

Again - would prefer to stay an RW customer if that is an option somehow.

Hi @keithb.tlqxab,

@cbwahlstrom has correctly advised your Blackview 9800 is not Republic compatible. You’ve indicated you no longer find Republic’s current plan options to be sufficiently competitive.

Perhaps, in light of this, Republic would once again be a fit for you. Meanwhile, while Republic would certainly be sorry to see you leave, Republic respects your choice.

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I don’t know about “technically superior” as it is just another T-Mobile MVNO whose secret sauce is price, that’s not technically anything.

In any case, I would be careful with the BV9800 on T-Mobile. In recent years a major part of T-Mobile’s network expansion has been in B71, a band not supported by that phone. You may find that areas where you currently have coverage, you won’t with that phone.

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