Bringing own phone to republic

can i bring my own phone with me to republic which will be a motog7 and will i have to buy a sim card from republic ? also does the motog7 have to be a specific model even if it is retus or unlocked ?

Hi @dianed.b7pwvz and welcome to the Member Community. Here’s a How-to document about How to Bring Your Own Phone to Republic Wireless (BYOP) – Republic Help

Your Moto G7 will need to be Model Number XT1962-1.

You mentioned the software channel. Here’s some information that can answer those questions.

If you already have the phone in hand, here’s a quick way to see if it’s compatible.

And yes you will need to buy a SIM card. You can purchase from RW or Amazon.

The SIM purchased from either RW or Amazon will be GSM. There is a way to get a CDMA SIM if that provides better coverage in your area. Please start with the coverage checker and see if RW offers service in your area. Then if you will share your zip code only we can see which would give you the best coverage, GSM or CDMA.

Come back if you need details about getting a CDMA SIM or have other questions.


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