Broadpwn vs Republic


With a WiFi heavy business plan, when will patches, or have they already, be pushed?


Good Morning @malkaris,

Addressing any Broadpwn vulnerabilities would require Android operating system updates. It’s up to the manufacturers not Republic to do so.

Republic 3.0 phones are North American factory unlocked variants. Republic does not and won’t be modifying the operating system on these phones.

Legacy Republic phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2) likely won’t be seeing any operating system patches. These, too, would need to originate with the manufacturer (in this case Motorola).

What Republic can do (and I suspect is doing) is talk to the various manufacturers about what their plans are for addressing Broadpwn.


All of the new Republic phones get patches and updates directly from the manufacturer, with no input at all from Republic. You’d have to ask them the patching plans.

On the older phones, Moto would still have to decide to issue a patch and then Republic would need to be involved. Given the age of the devices, and the fact that they’re no longer being updated, I wouldn’t count on them being patched. But again, the first move is Moto’s.


A security researcher recently demonstrated a powerful attack on the wireless components used in most modern smartphones and tablets, nicknamed “BroadPwn.” This vulnerability affects millions of Apple and Android devices (iPhone, iPad, Galaxy S Series, etc.), and has the capability of automatically spreading, via worm.

It is recommended all iOS and Android users ensure their mobile-devices are running the latest available software so they are not at risk from this vulnerability.
• Apple devices should be updated to at least iOS version 10.3.3
o Apple devices can be updated by tapping Settings > General > Software Update – If there are updates available, a “Download and Install” button will be visible. Users may also wish to update their devices using iTunes and a computer, and detailed instructions for this method are available from Apple.
• Android device updates are issued through the individual hardware vendors, so exact version numbers vary, but Android devices should be updated to “Patch Level 2017-07-01”
o Android device interfaces can vary slightly depending on manufacturer, carrier, and Android version, but on most devices can be updated by tapping Settings > System Updates > Check for system updates
o “Android security patch level” on most devices can be checked by tapping Settings > About Phone. Patched devices will show a date of 2017-07-01 or later under “Android security patch level.” Some devices, on some carriers, may not yet have updates available. For more information about when updates for your device might be ready, contact your service provider, phone carrier, or device manufacturer.

So I checked my MotoX it has …Android Security Patch Level 2016-08-01!

When will Republic Wireless send out the up to date patch???!!!


Never, because it’s up to the manufacturer, which is Motorola not Republic.

Please see the following quote from your above post with emphasis added…

Edited to Add:

What Republic can and I’m confident is doing is communicate with the manufacturer’s of affected phones to ask what their plans for addressing the situation might be. At the end of the day, this is the manufacturer’s responsibility. Apple is a manufacturer and has addressed the issue. All Android manufacturer’s should follow, however, Republic (or any phone service provider) doesn’t control this.


i believe Republic Wireless has a duty and responsibility to ensure the devices they FORCED users to purchase (in order to use their “service” are safe. I understand that the manufacturer has some responsibility as well but RW installed other proprietary software on the phones (allowing wifi handover) and would not allow end users to root the device - so they should provide more than ‘lip’ service to their loyal customers.


What @rolandh shared is correct, it’s the manufacturer who is responsible, and I agree that I’m sure Republic is communicating with Motorola about the issues.

At the same time, no manufacturer continually updates the software on phones, and they reach a point where they are no longer updated. This is true of every manufacturer. Republic doesn’t force you onto very limited hardware any longer. You have multiple choices of phones now.


i believe Republic Wireless has a duty and responsibility to ensure the devices they FORCED users to purchase (in order to use their “service” are safe

You and I have a very different definition of FORCED. Republic didn’t force you to do anything. You decided to purchase a phone on their service. Also, Republic does tell you that you can’t root. If you root their can be consequences. You can read more about Republic’s stance on rooting here. Rooting and User Modification – Republic Help


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