Broke and Need to Replace Samsung J3


Been with RW for a little over a year. Bought my Samsung J3 when I signed up. Apparently it doesn’t like to be sat on in my back pocket. The screen now goes crazy if pressure is applied and will eventually go totally black and unresponsive. Phone is still on though. At any rate, I was wanting suggestions for a replacement from the models currently available from RW. Don’t need anything fancy. Just easy to use. Mainly for talk and text. Some internet. Thanks.

I met the Republic Wireless team tonight!

I’m honestly not a fan of the J3 at its price point. I believe you’d be very happy with the Moto E4 for your purposes.


Thanks for your input @louisdi. I appreciate the feedback.


Yeah, these full screen phones are funny that way. This is a good reason to invest in a tempered glass screen protector in addition to the protective case you put on it. Of course, the tempered glass may not survive your butt smashing, either. But, it probably would improve the phones chances. For the cost of around $7, I think it’s worth it.

In any event, for replacement, you have some pretty good options with the E4 Plus and the G4. I would recommend spending the extra $$ and going for the G5 Plus. It’s a higher price point, but I truly think you would find the extra cost well spent once you have the phone in your hands.


I’ll look into those @beachb. I was trying to stay on the cheaper side of things (under $200). Also, I’m not sure I’m ready to have a large phone yet. Wanting to stay around the size of the J3 also. But like I said, I’ll take a closer look at your recommendations.


I’m going to disagree with @beachb on several fronts.

1st, I don’t recommend the E4+ I don’t think the larger screen/battery justify the price, and the thing is chunky.

I also think that if you were happy with the J3 and have the basic needs you describe, the E4 is more than suitable.


I tend to agree on both points. I have an E4+ in the household and it’s every bit as chunky (and heavy) as you describe. The 5000 mAh battery (largely the reason for the phone’s chunkiness) performed admirably during a recent 36-hour power failure imposed by Hurricane Irma. That said, short of being prepared for that type of circumstance, I wouldn’t make the trade off in terms of price or convenience with the E4+ as opposed to the E4. If one is concerned about a potential power failure, then like the J3, the E4 (not the E4+) has a removable battery, so stocking an extra or two is probably the better option.


I’m going to disagree with @louisdi, not on his points, but on principle. And, this debate could go on for weeks, because you can look at it from several different perspectives. But, I will submit, 1- a better phone is more useful, and you would likely find yourself using a better phone in more ways than the J3 (when phone are capable of doing more, you do more with them), 2- you would be more careful with a better phone, since you have more invested in it and you would value it more, 3- you never really think you need a bigger screen, until you have one, and while there is a limit to how much a bigger battery is worth, a bigger battery is worth it’s weight in gold, in my humble opinion. But, at the price of the E4+, the G4 or the G5+ would be a more attractive option, I would think. Both good phones for the $$


Thanks @rolandh. Your points are well noted. I too live in an area that is/can be affected by hurricanes. So the removable battery vs. a larger battery is something to consider.


I’ve also heard good things about the BYOD Alcatel A30 if you want to go even cheaper than the Moto E4. Of course Motorolas are pretty hard to beat on bang for buck.


It’s a decent phone, but having both an E4 and an A30, the E4 is superior in every way and worth the extra bucks. (IMHO)


Hi @larryatbeech,

Can you tell us what features matter most to you, so folks can focus their advice around those features?

You have mentioned size (you like the smaller phones)
Price (trying to stay under $200)
Removable battery
You said, “mainly for talk and text” and “nothing fancy.” Do you take photos with your phone? Do you listen to music on it? Do you use banking apps or GPS navigation?
Are there any other features or specific uses that are important to you?

Once you make your decision, be sure to let us know what you’ve settled on. If we have a case in the office (not the same thing as what’s in the online store) that fits the phone you’ve picked, and/or a tempered glass screen protector, I’ll send those your way.


In answer to your questions @southpaw, and to give you a little background, I’m 72 and my daughter and wife just talked me into getting a smart phone. I’ve used flip phones up until now. So “mainly for talk and text” is just that. I do take photos on occasion but by no means consider this to be a main aspect of the phone. Music comes out of my radio. :grin::exploding_head: All of my banking is done in person and I have a separate GPS for navigation.

Also, my daughter found a new J3 (that is compatible with Republic) on Amazon for a reasonable price. I went and purchased it. I thought it best to stick with what I know. Thanks to everyone for their input. I’ll keep it in mind for the next time I sit on my phone. LOL. :laughing:


Sounds good @larryatbeech, I’m glad your daughter found you a good deal! Now that you’ve used our Community a bit, don’t be shy about coming back.

Oh, and about banking in person, let me just tell you, next time it’s 34 degrees outside, pouring down rain, and you’ve got a check to deposit, you might just think about looking into mobile banking! Making that deposit without having to actually go to the bank is on my top-ten list of favorite things about having a smart phone!


That’s a fair point @southpaw but, given that you’re in Raleigh, I’m trying to remember the last time that it was actually 34 degrees here . . .

Hee, hee, hee . . . :rofl:


When I was a little girl it was so cold one Christmas Eve that we had to bring the luminaries in from the street and thaw them in front of the fireplace because the damp sand in the bottom of the bags had frozen solid and we couldn’t stand the candles up in them.

How about when it’s 98 degrees and 98% humidity?

Plus there’s the fact that I seem to work well beyond bank hours most days…


I get it @southpaw, three months after I moved here we got 22" of snow and, driving a non-four-wheel drive F150, I was stranded in my house for 10-12 days. Keep in mind that I moved here from San Diego and my mantra during that week and a half was, “but why??”

I just meant that it hasn’t actually be cold here for more than a couple of days in the last few winters. Agreed on the 98º weather at 98% humidity. –I’m still bummed that it’s mid-October and I still can’t turn off my AC. I can’t wait for the “cold” weather . . .


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