Broke Moto X 2013. Looking for Replacement

Basically crossing out the post since its against the rules. Sorry RW. Didn’t realize it when posted.

Hello… dropped the phone many times before. No issues. But today it broke something in lcd connection. Screen is shifted to the side now its misaligned. Displaying a skewed color palette. Power button doesn’t work to turn the screen on. If the screen turns off, then power button flickers the screen but doesn’t turn on. Then after a little while screen comes on on its own. Otherwise the phone functions. Right now, keeping the screen on indefinitely.

Can’t really buy a new one right now. So I’m wondering if anyone has the old moto x 2013 (or any other model that works on the older plan) laying around.

Do you have one of these laying around? Are you planning to give it away? sell it? Let me know. It’ll be a great help.


Your best bet might be to check a site like eBay or Swappa where the older Republic phones can often be found at reasonable prices. Good luck.

Thanks. Keeping an eye on ebay listings. But they sell at pretty high prices for a phone that’s almost four years old. Around $60-$70 bucks. Too high.

It’s against the forum guidelines to buy and sell other than to point to third-party sites. Look on craigslist or post a request on craigslist, eBay, swappable are your best avenues

Really. Didn’t know it wasn’t allowed. In the past I have seen users posting with the same intention of finding a replacement.

You would think may be RW has some collection of phones for temporary use for emergency scenarios? Probably not.

Asking where to buy is different that direct sales (though what happens in direct messages is all good)

Threads where direct buying/selling can and do get locked or removed

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create a support ticket asking if they have any B-stock there willing to sell (they may not as it’s been some time since legacy phones where on the market but it can not hurt to ask)

other that this advice you need to be asking where to get not look for one

swappa:republic-wireless ,eBay, Craigslist are your best bets for used phones IMO

You might look for a used Republic Wireless Moto E 1st gen phone. It’s not a very good phone, but it might get you by on the cheap.

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