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HI Everyone,

I just was cruising around the various Republic WIreless websites, keeping track of issues and anything new going on. I wanted to login prior to heading here to the forums. I was currently on the Aka. the Republic Status site

I clicked “Login” up in the corner

However, I was greeted with a friendly 404 page:

I thought I was losing my mind! So I decided to look closer at the status page to see what was going on:

Then compared it to a working link:

Which to most people that is a bunch of gobble-de-gook, but I understood what was happening.

This was the difference:
The Status page was sending us to:
Where every other page (not saying there’s not another one of these lurking around somewhere) has the updated link:

Sorry if this wasn’t short and too the point but I wanted to be clear and test out my skills with Discourse!



Hi @benjaminf.haklmn!

Nice catch! I will notify Republic staff ;). Thank you!


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Should just not have a login there. Statuspage does not have a login need so our SSO will block it.


Fixed it. It was pointing to the old My Account Portal link.


Thanks @benjaminf.haklmn for letting us know. Good stuff!

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Not a problem! Just happy to help where I can! :slight_smile:
I’m not super active on here and I hope to change that because I think I could contribute a lot if I devote a brain cell to it



:heart_eyes: @benjaminf.haklmn

That is what this community is all about, everyone helping everyone to give the best possible phone service at the best price.



Give a little, get a lot in return. That’s what makes a great community.

Thanks again Ben.

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