Broken new moto

I am a RW fan and went to school with the CEO back in the day. I have gotten at least 20 new users. However, I upgraded to a new phone and it does not work after a month. It is probably the charging port. The only option is to send the phone for repairs and be without a phone for months. This us not an option so we canceled the phone. How do I get a refund for this phone?

You didn’t say which phone you have but the phones are warranted by their manufacturer, not RW. The warranty is between you can the manufacturer so I can’t imagine why RW would send you a replacement but let’s face it, they have bent over backwards for people in the past.

If you need a link to the manufacturer’s site for warranty service tell us which phone you have.

It’s a moto x pure. On the RW site it says I can send the phone to them for refund, but I have to do a factory reset, which Is impossible since the phone has no power. Without the reset the site claims they can’t use the phone.

Here is the link to the Motorola repair center:

Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc.

Are you certain this is a problem with the charging port? Here are some common charging issues:

  1. Charger plugged into a switched outlet that has been switched off.

  2. Bad charger or cable.

  3. Lint in the charging port.

  4. Phone won’t start on power cord alone. It needs about a 20% charge.

Have you actually had it for a month? If so it may not matter that you can’t do a factory reset. The refund period is 14 days. Did you notify RW within that period? That would have been sufficient.

You may find that getting a replacement phone from Motorola may not take months, or even weeks, but things happen … Ask about the advance exchange program. You have to provide a security fee that will be refunded once they process your defective unit.

Claiming to know the CEO and having referred some customers will not get you any better service than anybody else. Unless you really do know him, and maybe ask him personally. The rest of us could care less – it comes off as pretentious name dropping.

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