Broken phone glass is broken. Is there a way to repair broken glass?


Hi, my wife dropped the phone and shattered the glass. Is there an inexpensive way to have glass repaired or do I need to order a new phone?


Try a local cell repair shop,
Something like this chain




Hi @dreww.h2n7vb

Just to add some perspective, it really depends on which phone the screen has been shattered.

If it’s a newer high-end phone, it definitely may be worth repairing, however, if it is an older low to mid-range phone, the money to repair may be better used for an upgrade.

Just out of curiosity, what is the device in question?.



Hi @dreww.h2n7vb,

If the phone is a Motorola phone, they do out-of-warranty repairs. (They actually replace the phone with a refurbished model.) My daughter shattered her Moto G (3rd Gen) and the cost under their program was $75.


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