Broken Phone Holder-1 yr guarantee-How do I get replaced?

  • QTY 1 Moto G 3rd Gen Phone :
  • The black plastic holder that clips to my belt snapped apart. It is broken.
  • It is my understanding that it is guaranteed for 1 yr.
  • I am under the one year mark.
  • Order # [redacted]
  • July 4, 2016
    How do I get a replacement for my broken phone holder: Part that clips to belt?

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Hi @brentm.ky2elu

Please remove your personal information. It is not wise to post personal information on a public website.

The manufacturer of the case/belt clip would be the one that provides the warranty outside of RW’s return policy.

Return and Replacement Policy


Hi @brentm.ky2elu,

The warranty on the Otterbox Defender is from Otterbox, not from Republic Wireless. You’d need to contact them about a replacement. However, we happen to have some of the black Otterbox Defenders for the Moto G (3rd Gen) in our B-stock (like-new, customer-returns) closet, and we’d be glad to send you one of those. Just confirm you’d like it sent to the same address your original order was shipped to. (Don’t post an address here! This is a publicly visible forum!) Just say, “Yes, that address would be great!” or, “No, how I can I give you my current address” and I’ll follow up.

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