Broken RW moto X Gen2 how to get sms and call history on replacement



I just broke my Moto X gen2 phone screen. The screen is black, except for .25" at the top. I am considering getting a replacement from Motorolla (keep my $20 plan) or purchasing a new RW phone. I know that the google account stuff will transfer. In either scenario, how will I be able to transfer my SMS and phone history data?

As an aside, my wife broke her Moto x gen2 screen a few months ago, but the screen was still useable. We opted to replace the phone from motorlla, and we were able to transfer the call history and sms texts by installing a transfer app on both phones. I can’t do that because my screen is black and non-functional.

I need to make a quick decision. Thanks for all help!


That pretty much seals it as far as getting information off the phone. You can view call and text messaging history online here: View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless. You should be able to retrieve the last 30 days of text messaging content by installing Republic Anywhere on another compatible device. More on Anywhere here: Texting App | Text from Computer | Republic Wireless.

Beyond the above, you would be looking at forensic recovery costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

I’m sorry to hear of your phone’s demise and to be the bearer of unwelcome news.


Thanks for your reply.

Wow. So, there is a tiny portion of the screen viewable - only the top tool bar. Nothing else. I could have the screen replaced locally for $150 - but then it become s a choice between keeping the old phone and old battery but with the subjectively better $25 republic wireless plan or upgrading to new phone and losing my SMS and call history.

Is any other scenario possible except for the one you mention? I guess not or you would have mentioned it.

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It is possible a screen replacement by a repair shop or DIY would restore your phone to a usable condition and retain your desired information Local repair and purchasing a backup phone may fit your quick decision criteria to at least restore your service…

If a screen job doesn’t work your older texts would likely be sealed as previously suggested.

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Please try the app @rolandh suggested Republic Anywhere, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. You can use it on Windows and Apple products as well as 64 bit Linux machines.

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To get anything off the phone itself, you need to be able to control the screen. Under some circumstances that can be done using a computer mouse connected to your phone’s MicroUSB port via an on the go (OTG) cable. Candidly, your description of the screen’s condition makes what I just suggested unlikely (at best) to work.

Regardless of how you ultimately decide to proceed, you have nothing to lose by installing Republic Anywhere to a computer or other compatible device. See what you get, maybe it will be good enough.

Regarding the $150 for screen replacement, I propose looking at that from another perspective. Is retrieving the content on the phone worth $150 to you? It’s a lot more attractive than forensic recovery,

Finally, call history (going back 180 months) is preserved online in Republic’s My Account portal. It’s metadata (meaning you’ll see the numbers called and numbers that called you), so not perfect but, hopefully, somewhat helpful.

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Thank you all, for your replies. @rolandh thank you again.

I will install the Republic Anywhere app on my home computer.

I do not know if the standard cable I use with my phone that connects to my computer is an “OTG” cable or the procedure to control the phone with it.

If I connect my phone to my computer, can I copy the filesystem and graft the texts/call history back into a new Moto x gen 2?

I am inclined to get a replacement of the Moto X Gen 2 from Motorola for the sole reason of keeping my great $25 RW legacy plan. The only issue I now see is - how do I reset my phone to erase my Google account, my other email accounts, etc that are still active on the phone before sending it in? These will be available to Motorola as I do not have the capacity to wipe the phone now that the screen doesn’t work. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!


No, what I’m referring to is something like this:■■■■sr=8-3&keywords=otg+cable

You’d then plug a computer mouse into the OTG cable and attempt to control the phone’s screen with the mouse.

Unfortunately, no. Your computer may or may not see the phone, however, the specific content you’re after isn’t stored where a user may access.

Motorola may or may not be able to replace your phone with one that retains access to Republic’s grandfathered unlimited plans. Only a legacy Republic specific phone (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2) is an option. These phones have not been manufactured for some time. Motorola may or may not have old stock available. Republic provides some guidance as to purchasing previously used Republic legacy phones here: Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.

Sadly, if unable to control your screen, a factory reset may not be possible either. You might try doing so from recovery as described by Republic here: How to Factory Reset a Cell Phone – Republic Help. Otherwise, if you choose to send your phone to Motorola, you’ll have to trust Motorola to dispose of it in a trustworthy manner. I would be OK doing so but that’s a decision you’ll need to make for yourself.

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Thank you @rolandh. Your advice is very appreciated.

I cannot connect my phone to my computer - it doesn’t show the phone.

I decided to get a replacement Moto X Gen 2 from Motorola. The replacement is coming next week. I then have to ship back my old phone. We did this a few months ago for my wife and were given what appeared o be new-old stock. With her phone we had no issue using reapplying our legacy RW plan. Of course, I was able to deactivate her old phone.

I’m ok with abandoning the texts and call history.

I am more uncomfortable with not being able to wipe the phone before sending it back to Motorola. The phone is still responsive to google “find my phone” Can I use the google “Erase” phone data? I’ll have no way to confirm if this works. Also, Motorola sent me instructions to use the buttons for a reset, but again I won’t know if it works. I hope google erase phone will work.


As long as Motorola still has stock (probably refurbs) of the Republic specific Moto X2, they’re perfectly capable of replacing the phone for you.

If Google can’t find your phone, it won’t be able to communicate with it and, therefore, can’t be used to erase it. Using the buttons is precisely what I mean by a factory reset from recovery. You mention the ability to see a small portion of the screen, see if that changes when you attempt the factory reset.


Hi. Thanks @rolandh.

Google can find my phone. I don’t know whether an erase option needs to be enabled on the physical phone for the erase device remotely to work.

I’ll attempt both a google erase and then factory reset.


Hi @rolandh & community.

I can’t perform a factory reset because I cannot see the screen. Do you know if the google “erase” feature will wipe the entire phone, not just the google account?



the erase should remove all personal information from the phone including the google account link (though open would still need your google account password to get back into the phone)


@drm186 - the google remote erase would also remove things like yahoo mail app, texts, call history etc - e.g. more than just google apps? Thanks.


yes it’s basically a remote Factory reset


Thanks. I just erased it with google erase. I heard the phone vibrate, so I think that means it worked. Now I wait to send it back to motorola.


Any confirmations on @drm186 's opinion regarding google remote erase being as good as factory reset? Thanks.


He is correct


@louisdi - Thanks.

As I can’t see the screen - Is there any benefit in hooking my phone up to my computer and erasing the folder structure there?


You’ve performed a factory reset. There would be nothing on the phone that is user accessible and erasable.

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