Broken Screen - forward calls and sms without using app?



Moto E 4 broken screen. Can NOT access an apps.

Is there a way to forward any incoming SMS messages and phone calls to another number (such as Google Voice or email for SMS) ?

For a number of reasons, I do not intend to replace the phone (yes, 19th century)



There isn’t a way to forward, but as long as the line is active, you can use Republic Anywhere on a computer or tablet to access and reply to your texts. Texting App | Text from Computer | Republic Wireless

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to forward your phone calls if you’re unable to access the phone.

If you’re not planning on replacing the phone, are you looking to move your number elsewhere?


For Republic Anywhere, my understanding is that I must install something on the phone too. This I can’t do with broken screen.

Move the phone number? Yes that is my idea. I make/receive very few phone calls, but people still have number and would like to hang on to it.


With the latest desktop versions, it’s no longer necessary to install Anywhere on your Republic phone first or at all. Anywhere will sync the last 30 days of text messaging history to your computer.

If not planning on replacing your phone and you wish to hang on to the number, you may want to think about parking it. NumberBarn is a reasonably priced choice: It’s a more complex solution but you might look at Anveo as well: Of course, there’s the option of moving your Republic number to another cellular service provider also.

If you do move your number from Republic, Anywhere would no longer be a solution for communicating via text message.


Many thanks for useful information.

Re: Republic Anywhere

I am running Chromebook / Ubuntu 16.04. The download page does not list Ubuntu as a download option.
Believe I saw a post about beta version, but will need to research it.


Just to close out the thread … I went with [] for voip, using one of their cheap inbound, DID number for immediate use while my Republic Wireless number is being ported to them. did look a bit complicated, but seems highly regarded.

So I have one less device (cell phone) to carry around, which is fine for my low-level of usage.