Broken screen on Moto X3 Pure, how do I back up to computer?


I had an unfortunate mishap with my Moto X3 Pure phone, I dropped it and the touch screen does not work. Has anyone else had experience backing up a damaged phone to a computer? I plugged it in and the computer does not see any of the files.


Hi @darrels,

When you say that the touch screen does not work, do you mean that there is nothing on the display for you to see, or that you can see it, but it does not respond to touch?

If the latter, a USB OTG adapter will allow you to connect a USB mouse to the screen and operate it with the mouse.

When you connect the phone to the computer, there is a notification in the phone’s notification tray that you must interact with in order to enable the transfer of files between the computer and the phone. If the screen is not working, you won’t be able to enable that transfer.

What kind of files are you wanting to back up? Photos may already be backed up at and contacts at


I can see the screen but i can’t interact with it at all. My contacts are backed up on google and the Republic Anywhere ap. I have some pictures that are not backed up that i would like keep. My apps are also backed up on google.

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Typically, one should have Google Photos set to backup their pictures and videos to the Google Cloud and that allows you to access and download to your computer.

{Or, if you have a micro SD card in the phone, and the camera app set to store photos on the card, you can just pop out the sd card…but most phones these days do no support micro sd cards anymore, including that X Pure I believe. }

If you can not interact with the touch screen, then connecting the phone to PC via USB to access its internal memory may not be possible for you, as you have to tap the menu option that comes up on the phone to switch it to File Transfer Mode.


Unfortunately I did not have the cloud in auto backup mode (lesson learned) I only had about half of my pics backed up


Hi @darrels,

Thanks for the clarification.

Any chance the photos were being saved to an SD card that could be removed and read on another device?

If not, a USB OTG adapter and a USB mouse sound like a possible solution. I would be glad to send you an adapter Monday, but you can probably get one locally or from Amazon more quickly than I could get one to you.


You might want to check out something like AirDroid It might be worth a try


Thanks for your help, I will probably get the adapter this weekend

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Hi @darrels,

Did you acquire the US OTG adapter? Were you able to accomplish what you set out to do?


Yes I did! The mouse worked, a little clumsy to use, but I did get all of the pics I wanted to save uploaded to the cloud. Everything else on my phone was backed up to google drive and transferred from my moto X pure to a new moto x4 without a hitch.

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