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How do I enable browser cookies on my phone?
I don’t know what the browser is for RW Moto E4 and not able to log in on any of my normal sites like banks, amazon, Republic wireless etc.
The Republic icon no longer in upper left corner of home screen N.

Hi @ellenb.rzxpjf!

I believe browser cookies are enabled by default, but you can check by going to Chrome > Settings > Site Settings > Cookies.

Is your phone connected to the internet? Are you able to navigate into any websites? Does your browser look like the logo below?

The Republic Wireless Notification (which is also the connectivity indicator) that normally is displayed, will occasionally go missing … to restore just access the RW App/ :settingsicon: / Advanced Settings /

and toggle off/ON the :solved: Green checkmark

Sorry, there is no on/off function in Advanced settings after I clicked on the Republic symbol in the installed APPS.
There is, however, on/off green toggle for ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS. Is that the right thing to do? I turned it on.

The Toggle should be ON (Green), but when the Notification disappears, then I found that I had to turn it off then back on to restore
Did that restore it for you?

Yes, thank you.

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