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Cut to the Chase: The two browsers listed below are fast because they do not load ads and trackers and they are free.

I’ve written copy and recorded/produced ads for a very large network radio corporation during one of my two careers before I retired, so I am very sympathetic to generating ad dollars. However, my ads never collected personal information without authorization. Today’s internet based advertising is handy, yes. Creepy? Very, I believe. So while I easily empathize with the ad community I resent the anonymous collection of ■■■■ Knows What they may have on me or wish to collect simply because I was curious enough to visit the page or to click on the ad. (Lexis-Nexis is a whole 'nuther topic.) So, for speed and security I have on my trusty Moto G4 two excellent and speedy browsers from people who feel the way I do. Ghostery is an ad and tracker blocker par excellence and I cannot say enough about the people at DuckDuckGo who are passionate regarding browsing anonymously and with security in the process.

I get a small thrill when I occasionally notice the Ghostery blocked tracker tally on a page and discover, for example, thirty-two collectors have been stopped at the gate. See ya! Google and Facebook track everything, everywhere it seems. Who let those dogs out? Europeans don’t put up with this (yet another topic).

DuckDuckGo has a flame icon at the top of the screen and when tapped it obliterates the traces of all activity regarding the surfing session. No tracks left and no data collected from the pages. They also have a blog explaining a lot about the internet, security, etc.

If you want some browser speed with greatly added anonymity and no page ad loads I would recommend giving these two a trial run. Visit their websites for more background and info.

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I had to laugh at the censored word up there. It wasn’t a four letter word as might be indicated by the little black blocks. The word is three letters and some Southerners pronounce it “Gawd”. Now you know!

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I think it is blocked because it often is used in conjunction with a four letter word… Seems like it shouldn’t be blocked on its own though!

Opera and Brave are also very good mobile (and Desktop) browsers.
I use Opera myself.

The group behind Opera have released Vivaldi, so I switched and it’s great.

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I have used Brave, Canary, Opera, Duckduckgo, and Chrome Dev. I still like Chrome for the RW forum but Opera is first on my list. I haven’t used Duck enough to honestly give a review but it’s second on my list of browsers. Canary is just Chrome, Brave I barely used it on mobile.
So summing it up I use Opera mostly when surfing, then Duck if I wanted to find the black web. I still use chrome when here though.

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