Bug fixes in update

What are the “bug fixes” in update?

Hi @peters.p524ln,

Developers don’t usually detail every bug they squash, as many of them aren’t even something you’d ever notice.

I’ve reviewed the developers’ work and as far as bugs go, I see a housekeeping task (making sure a variable is storing what it’s intended to be storing), a fix required by a change from Google (a diagnostic test that’s now outdated), and cleaning up some code that, while it’s not currently causing any issues, needs to be modified before some future work can be done.

Is there a specific issue you’re facing that you were curious about?


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am having “shut down” issues with my Moto g4. In the middle of a conversation it shuts down, and after restart sometimes repeats the shut down one or more times.

So I was wondering if the update’s “…bug fixes and stability enhancements” might fix that issue.

That doesn’t sound like a Republic app issue. It sounds like either a battery issue (does it happen if the phone is on a charger?) or you have an app that is hogging resources to the point the phone has to shut down.

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