Buggy G4


On more that one occasion my phone will act very bizarre. The screen shakes erratically, the touch screen does not respond and I couldn’t get the phone to shut off without taking the battery out. Do I have a faulty phone? I have never experienced this behavior with any other phone I have owned.


Here is the link to Motorola service:

Service & Repair - Moto G 4th Generation

Open a chat session with them and tell us what they say about this.

Are you sure you have a G4? Removing the battery to shut the phone down is a extensive procedure that will void the warranty:

Motorola Moto G4 Battery Replacement Guide - RepairsUniverse - YouTube


Perhaps, he has a Moto G4 Play, which does indeed have a removable battery?


Good guess.


Hi @robertg.1zswur,

From your description, it sounds as if you likely have a hardware issue. That said, the process for ruling out a software glitch follows:

  1. Clearing the Cache
  2. Safe Mode
  3. Factory Reset

Please stop after each numbered step to test and see if the issue is resolved. If clearing the app and Android system caches does the trick, you’re done. If the phone demonstrates better behavior in Safe Mode, you have an app creating a conflict and will need to find and remove the offending app. If the issue survives a factory reset, it’s a hardware issue. If that’s the case, it would help us better help you if we knew when you received your phone and from whom it was purchased (Republic or third party)?


I have 3 phones and you are correct about the battery. I must have fiddled with it and got it turned off. I will fix laptops, not phones.


I got it from Republic. It doesn’t happen enough for me to take these drastic measures yet. Another time or two and perhaps I will. The information I have on the phone is quite sensitive therefore I’m hesitant to initiate a wipe. I could sign up for the apps that have the info but don’t want it out in the cloud. I know the phone parts are already in the cloud, but the apps no.


There’s nothing drastic or even destructive about steps 1 and 2. Clearing the caches amounts to housekeeping and Safe Mode is entirely diagnostic simply temporarily disabling third party apps.

Step 3 does return one’s phone to factory settings as if it were just removed from its box, so one would want some form of backup for user content on the phone.

I raised the issue of where you purchased your phone because as it was from Republic; there is the option with Motorola phones to work with Republic support rather than deal directly with Motorola, if you prefer. Republic has a good historical working relationship with Motorola and Motorola allows Republic to act as its proxy for some warranty issues.

Regardless of whether you ultimately choose to work with Republic or Motorola; in order to validate any potential warranty claim for hardware defect, a factory reset would be required.