"Build number" as unstated x-factor for "Bring your own phone"

  1. I purchased a refurbished Moto G5 Plus XT1687.

  2. I confirmed in two ways that it should be usable with Republic Wireless (through the web procedure and through downloading the RW app which prompted me to buy a sim card)

  3. Inserted the Sim Card, but it was not recognized after multiple reboots, hard resets, and a factory reset.

  4. RW Support has just told me that the problem is that the phone is stuck on Build number NPN25.137-33 and that it would need to update to the current build number NPNS25.137-93-10. Alas, Settings -> System Updates says that my device’s software is up to date, so, apparently the phone was rooted or modified in some way before I purchased it.

If someone here knows some magic that would let me get my system software updated, I’d be most grateful.

I (and I imagine other prospective users) would also be grateful if the “Bring your own phone” procedure was revised to, minimally, notify people of this potential x-factor (e.g. “In addition to having model XT1687, you also need to be on the current build, which may not be possible if the phone was modified/rooted.”) and, preferably, advise what Build Number would be required.

I.e. RW is limited in what it can do in step 4, but the documentation for step 2 could be much more helpful than it is.

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I agree that the documentation could be a bit better. But it is hard to mention those things as the average customer would not understand what root is or how to check their unique device for such past modifications. They just go by the sales listing.

I can suggest you look on XDA Developer forum site and Moto’s own support site for instructions on how manually flash a factory image for that exact model device. I must warn you, it can be quite technically involved process. Also, from at least one other person who has tried to restore their used phone to proper unmodified Stack status, the process cleared their IMEI number from the core programing of the phone. This may not be possible to restore or re-program in if lost and thus will make the phone unable to be activated anywhere ever again.

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Hi @chrisber,

I’m going to review your ticket and see what else may be going on. The app is designed specifically not to encourage you to buy a SIM card if the phone is not on a supported build, and we list NPN25.137-33 as supported for the XT1687 in our internal documentation.

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Hi @chrisber,

Can you tell us exactly what you’re seeing here? Does the app report that it’s an unsupported build? What exactly is the error?

I opened a ticket with RW a while ago and walked through this with one of the support staff there this afternoon. Ticked ID: 1412761

Settings->About Phone reports Build number NPN25.137-33. When I click on System Updates, the screen tells me “Your device’s software is up to date” and won’t do anything further to update.

The person on the support staff told me that I needed to be on the later build, NPNS25.137-93-10.

The Republic App reports: Supported Phone: Great News! Your phone is supported." and then prompts me to buy a Sim Card.

Hi @chrisber,

Yes, I’ve reviewed your ticket, and I’m sorry to make you rehash it. I just wanted to verify that you are not seeing any message on the phone that the build is not supported. Here’s why:

  1. Our app is designed to check for that. It wouldn’t prompt you to buy a SIM card if the build were unsupported.
  2. As I mentioned above, NPN25.137-33, while an older build, is still a supported build in our system.

If you’re not seeing an error message saying that the phone/device/build is unsupported, then I don’t think that’s the problem.

If you’re still seeing the “Buy a SIM card” message when the SIM card is installed, I think either:
a) the SIM card is bad (easy fix, we send a new SIM card).
b) the SIM card reader is bad (bad news, unless your seller is reputable).

I’ve escalated your ticket to ask another technician to review it again.


One thing we don’t know is where did the SIM you’re using come from? This may be the key.

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Sorry I wasn’t clear. I ordered and received the sim card from Republic Wireless a few days ago, via this link.

OK thanks. I wanted to be sure that it wasn’t a SIM card that had been previously activated and deactivated. So, that should not be the issue…

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