Built-in obsolescence

I’ve been a member for 7 years. My first phone was a Moto X 1st gen. It lasted two years until it plopped out of my pocket onto a tile floor, landing on its edge and cracking the screen (I had taken the protective case off due to its bulkiness). In less than a week, it was all over. I checked into getting it repaired but the expense was almost the same as buying a new one. My second and current phone is an X 2nd gen. I preferred the size and width of the 1st gen X. But it has been generally sufficient for my needs. I started having battery issues over a year ago. It would shut down claiming about 1% battery left. When I rebooted, it would show 30, 60, 80% battery left. And then a few minutes later, it would shut down again. With a full battery, taking one photo would shut it down completely.

Rather than buying a new phone, I went on ebay this past March and bought a replacement battery – probably a QC reject – and installed it, solving the problem … for a few months. Now it is shutting down, again. I am back to carrying an outboard battery to keep my installed battery functional.

I’m not 100% sure that the battery is the problem. Could it be something in the detection software that misreads the status of the battery charge?

But, frankly, I object to the continual failures of cell phones and the necessity to buy ever more expensive replacements that either die WAY too soon or become grossly obsolete within a couple of years. I find it impossible to justify paying hundreds, now thousands, of dollars to carry around a device that lasts, is reasonably current, only a couple of years. Their manufacturers are putting us on a treadmill while picking our pockets, just like Microsoft Office 365 and now most other branded software companies and way too many hardware (including farm tractor) manufacturers.

I appreciate RW and currently use the refundable data plan for emergency use (usually paying only about $1.00 more monthly than before thanks to the refund). However, I am resistant to updating my 2.0 plan to 3.0 and its combination of high phone and higher plan prices. OK, so that makes me a cheapskate, but much lower plan prices has always been RW’s sales pitch. (My former provider was Verizon, and I went through three phones in about six years, kicking V into the gutter because of ridiculously high monthly rates.)

You can try battery calibration, but it’s likely just a bad battery:

It’s probably not worth installing another battery in one of the 2.0 phones. The likelihood of finding a properly stored battery at a bargain price is getting pretty low. With T-Mobile having purchased Sprint, and the growth of VoLTE calling, these phones aren’t going to be compatible with the cellular carrier forever.

If you do decide to replace the battery again, iFIxit is a genuine Motorola replacement parts reseller:

Thanks to all for the info and links.

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