Burn from phone

Hello, its me again.
My phone got so hot it burned me.
Samsung claims its RW’s obligation to replace and/or provide a full refund.
My phone issues have simply increased.
Blacks out suddenly and take awhile to come back
Overheats to the point of burning me
Phone won’t hold a charge/won’t last but half a day Example, left for work at 830am with 100% its not 1125am and I am down to 47% making wifi only calls to samsung and my dr office and one personal call and a few text messages.
Phone gets hot charging
Cannot shut down
Cannot use volume buttons
Front facing camera not clear
Home button default not working, cannot set anything to it
Calls out via wifi and/or data - outgoing will not work or my end will just ring non stop while answering party just sits there waiting for me to speak
Cannot send small video clips via texting, text bubble shows
Cannot send pics often, text bubble shows
Still cant get all my photos off my actual phone…thats a huge running joke with Samsung, since they claim only they can do this completely.

I am so tired of this hassle I want to go back to Motorola but cannot untilI get my money back for this Samsung!

We’re just users like you. If you want to talk to someone about a refund, open a ticket. I would think that it would be up to Samsung to replace your phone if there were a warrantable defect.

Thank you, this is exactly what the forum is for. I know the drill, ty for your comment…


From what you describe your phone has a hardware issue. The phone is made by Samsung, not RW. RW does not fix phones and their replacement policy is limited to 14 days. Your warranty with Samsung is 12 months.

If this is in fact a hardware problem you need to make arrangements with Samsung to have them repair your phone. They do not exchange phones so if you do this you will not have a phone for at least 10 days.


They stated its a service warranty, that I have to send the phone in and RW is responsible to give me a loaner phone…“that is the reason samsung provides them with the abilty to sell the phones”… from Gina at Samsung Specialty Claims. They are liable to replace/refund me…but neither wants to do the right thing.

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I don’t believe it is RW’s responsibility to provide you with a loaner while Samsung is repairing your phone. That makes no sense to me. I suppose you can explain this to RW support in a service ticket. If they help you with a loaner it will be a good will gesture, not a requirement.

I have an S7 too. Like you, I don’t like Samsung’s repair policy. Motorola will cross-ship a replacement. It is what it is, however, and there really isn’t anything you or I can do about this beyond going without a phone for a while or getting a spare from some third party.

It is according to Samsung, I just got off the phone with them and this isn’t the first time that have stated that to me, the last time I posted here I posted/shared the same info. They provide these phones to cell phone companies to sell with the ability to provide customers with loaners if need be.
I should never have to send my phone in and be inconvenienced in this manner, I paid a lot of money for a defective phone, and a month fee to use it. When did money become more important than customer service.

RW should get on the phone with Samsung and clearly understand why they are being allowed to sell their phones.

Both should have done the right thing. Starting with informing the customer that I had to submit a proof of purchase to Samsung in order to activate the warranty, which again was a huge 3-4 month issue in itself.

Customer service, company care and gone down the tubes. No customer should be made to go thru any of this, they should rise above this and say hey, ok, if we are supposed to provide you a loaner, lets do it, or even do it to be a good stand up company…but no…

Hi @pricelessme_ct,

I’ve never heard of this policy that we’re required to provide a loaner. That’s quite… interesting.

Regardless, you’re making a lot of statements about what Republic needs to do for you. This is, as you know, our online Member Community where members help one another with questions about our service, our phones, and our policies. That’s the purpose of our Community. None of the members in Community can do any of those things for you.

You’ll need to work through your support ticket for issues that require staff assistance.


As youre aware, that has already been done…and since it takes forever for anyone to get back it has been common practice and requested that I also post here. Seems like when one person has constant issues and gives RW a bad image they dont want other people to see now? Thats what it feels like. Call Samsung, I was speaking to Gina in Specialty Claims. Those were her words, not mine.■■■■

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I would have them put that in writing (if they will not then I suspect the agent is pulling this out of nowhere) and then Republic support can investigate their documents and show Samsung that they are not responsible for this or they will do what needs to be done as stated by contracts

If your phone is getting hot enough to burn you and gets that hot when charging you should immediately stop using it as it could be a fire hazard.

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You try to get Samsung to provide anything in writing, took me 3-4 months just to have them accept RW’s proof of purchase…

Then who would you say is responsible for replacing my in warranty phone? RW, 14 days only, no if ands or buts Samsung just laughs at you…nope send us your phone and we can’t guarantee anything. But your phone company is responsible for refunds and loaners, etc. Like I said its a running joke. pointing fingers, neither company wants to do the right thing.

The responsibility is on Samsung, their own website contradicts what the woman over the phone told you.


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Got disconnected while running to an appt but if anyone goggles it you’ll find lots like these:

I do not see anything on there that states it is Samsungs responsibility to provide a loaner phone

Samsung will repair or replace your phone under warranty if it is less than a year since you purchased it. You have to send it to them. They repair or replace it. This process can take 10 to 20 days depending on shipping type and day of shipping. Their warranty does not provide a loaner during this repair period.

Perhaps someone reading this has an old 3.0 phone they can lend you. Perhaps RW will sell you a cheap B-Stock phone you can use as a spare.

I’m sorry, but beyond something like this happening, there really is nothing we can do for you. This is between you and Samsung.

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They stated that it is the cell phone carrier’s responsibility to provide a loaner phone

Yes, I understand that is what you were told, but that is not correct with respect to Republic Wireless.

So why
after paying out the ying yang for this phone, does no one see that this is a huge issue??
there should be none.
RW should have refunded me for this phone months ago
Samsung should have provided me with a replacement
RW should have offered a loaner per Samsung’s policy
One should never have to be without their phone because the phone is defective

Message an
Expert customer