Burn from phone

My bbb complaint and Ct attorney general complaint is about samsung but includes Rw because they are whom i purchased the phone from and are my phone carrier. I have also emailed the president of samsung who also reached out to me the last time i had major issues.

I’m glad things are working out with RW. They’re a good company.

Wont know until its done, one way or another.

Seems to be going well with RW Support, I did just ask that the refund be applied to my account so I can buy a Motorola…Now lets see which phone offered is the best. Most Ambassadors are using the Moto x Pure… @southpaw would that be a good selection for my geographic area?

Hi @pricelessme_ct

The Moto MXP is capable of using either network (CDMA/GSM). I love my MXP, granted, the battery-life isn’t all that great, but since I’m not a power-user, it suits my usage just fine.

That said, Moto has been putting out some pretty good devices, so it really depends on your personal usage/priorities on which device is the “best” fit for you. Start a new thread on how you use your phone and what is most important and I’m sure the community can help you decide.

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Hi @pricelessme_ct,

The Moto X Pure is an older phone at this point, and is no longer available in our online store. The next phone in the Moto X line is the Moto X4, which is capable of the same coverage as your S7, though it uses a different kind of SIM card.

The Moto G5S+ is also capable of the same coverage as your S7, is very popular, and gets good reviews for photography, which I know is important to you, but I don’t know what other features are important to you. Take a look at this comprehensive comparison chart that some of our members have put together, and you’ll see each phone’s features and capabilities together in one place.


And for pete’s sake… STOP USING THAT PHONE!.. go buy a cheap used phone or something until Samsung can fix that for you. Have you not read about phones exploding at temps that can really do nasty things? You are not only risking injury to yourself but others too. For example… do you take that phone on planes with you? If it exploded while you are driving someplace, what happens?

My Samsung S7 can’t hold a charge…Under normal use without charging from 8am - 2pm would be dead…

Still trying to back up all images on my phone…thats never happening…no-one from Samsung has been helpful at all.

Reliability and images…and maybe how many GB it has…other than that I am not that picky of a person. Heard Samsung had great cameras and neglected to investigate the company, had I before purchase I would have never switched.

Thank you @southpaw I greatly appreciate value your opinion.

Guess the only negative is neither are on the refund plan

Just images? Do you use Google Photos? Get that stuff up into the cloud. You can backup everything for free in a web-friendly size… I think it is now 2000 pixels on the long side. If using original size files you have some GB limit for free and pay a small fee for more storage over that limit. The only reason ti use original size is if you plant to crop a photo or print it in high quality at 8x10 or over. And if my photo taking is any indication… you should KNOW the valuable photos to be used like that the moment you look at them… they are rare. So maybe find the 10-20 best photos and back them up in full original size… then let everything else go to the cloud in the free size. (of course, if there are a lot photos you cannot have in the cloud because of whats in them… consider a lifestyle change joking).

Yes but the images on the phone itself…

I think the intent was to convince you in the future to allow the photos to be automatically backed up to Google’s photo cloud service (or some other service if that’s your desire) so that a phone failure doesn’t cause you to lose your images down the road.

They already are, but I want to make sure that all that are on my phone are also removed…Glitches and bugs happen…if images are on my phone I want them all off

Well, how long can yo use your phone before it heats up?

If you connect to a home wifi… you can download google photos from the play store… if the app is not already on your phone. If you do not have a gmail account (which doubles as a google photos account)… use a PC and set that all up so you don’t need your phone to do that part. Then, on your phone, get the google photos app up and it should automatically start looking for your phone’s photos to upload.

It is not hard at all. And on home wifi you can allow the phone to get some photos to the cloud in small batches to keep the phone cool. Let it go a half hour and shut it power it down and charge it a short while.

BTW… I once use improper habits in using/charging my phone… a Nexus6P. I basically left it on the charger most of the day. Even used it while still plugged in. VERY BAD practice. If you have done something like that… you have helped make the battery go bad. Basically the problem is that a battery can only take so many charges… and if you are constantly topping off the battery… even as is barely drains and then fills back up… that can do very bad things to a battery… I know it did in my case. Google was cool about it, I had an extended warranty… but if you haven’t read up on how to best use your phone and battery you should look into it. Not saying that was the case with the Samsung… but just thought I’d share my experience. best practice is to let teh battery go down to 10% or so before recharging… and then only charge it back up to 80%… aps like AccuBattery (Pro) that can help.

Oh… yo mean to send it in for repairs… just look up the total factory reset procedure for that phone. And if it is a model with a removable SD card for storage… just remove it and then reset the phone.

I need to make sure all pics are removed and backed up lol…Samsung holds them hostage.

@southpaw you wouldn’t put the Moto G6 in as a comparable? There are so many slight differences between all camera :smirk:

I private messaged you :slight_smile:

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