Busy Signal and Unable to Text Former Republic Customer



What phone do you have?
Moto X 1st Generation

What plan are you on?
2.0 Refund Plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Includes data

Issue Description

One of our family members used to be on Republic Wireless and then transferred service to MintSim. We receive texts from his phone now with no problem, but he does not receive any texts back from us. It’s like they are lost in the abyss with nothing happening at all.

The other strange thing is that he is able to call us with no problems, but when we dial his phone number we are only receiving a busy signal. Once again, no issues with any other calling from both ends but only to each other. We’re thinking it has to do with the previous Republic Wireless connection? Has anyone dealt with similar?

This ONLY happens for him with us, and we have no issues with texting/calling anyone else. Any ideas?


How long ago was the transfer process completed? The reason I ask is issues like you are seeing can last about 72 hours until all the routing changes that are involved in the transfer are completed.


It’s been over a month now actually. The texting issue had no resolution previously, but we had always used hangouts anyways - so wasn’t a huge deal. Didn’t realize that the busy signal issue was still occurring at this point until just a few days ago.


Are they able to call you without issue?? Is this the only number you are having issues with?


Yes, the number that was ported out has no issues calling into the Republic Wireless numbers. But when calling out from the Republic Wireless numbers a busy signal is received, only to that number.

From both sides as far as we can tell, no issues calling and receiving phone calls from other numbers


Then I would recommend you open a support ticket. It sounds like there is a routing issue with the phone number. Help Ticket | Republic Wireless


Sounds like when the numbers ported out they were not released in our translations. We can fix that if you open a ticket.


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