Busy signal when the number isn't busy

I merged my duplicate contacts on Google. Now I can’t call a friend who is also a Republic customer (both on Androids. His phone always has a busy signal). I can text him, and he can call me. What’s up with that and how do I fix it???

Hi @annev.h38ia2,

Welcome back to our Member Community! I’m sorry to see you’re having this issue with a busy signal when calling another Republic number. I don’t think the issue is related to your contacts, but to something that has gone awry in the Republic app.

Please take the following steps to resolve the issue:

Edited to add: I’ve merged your other question into this one, because I’m certain both issues you described are caused by the same thing.

I merged my duplicate contacts on Google. Now a couple of friends tell me my calls come in from a different phone number than they used to . . . and it’s NOT my number. How do I fix that?

Reading this thread might help:

This was the solution to my problem:

Before I do this . . . . I have a Samsung Galaxy S10E, not a Republic phone. Do you still think the Republic app is the problem?

Hi @annev.h38ia2,

If by “not a Republic phone”, you mean the Samsung Galaxy S10e was purchased from a third party retailer rather than from Republic directly but is being used with Republic service, yes, please try the previous suggestion for uninstalling Republic’s app, restarting the phone, then reinstalling Republic’s app.

If you mean the Galaxy S10e is in use with another service provider, please let us know.

That worked perfectly! Thank you for clear and expert advice. Here’s hoping that Republic’s new “in person” help line will be as good as this online advice, and won’t increase prices for their service. Thanks again.


The online service a/k/a Community isn’t going anywhere. Help over the phone will be in addition to not a replacement. At the end of the day, how the conversation is facilitated is far less important than the competence and willingness to help of the folks at the other end. After all, Comcast has what they call support over the phone. No one I know seems to be happy with Comcast’s “support”.

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This Community is one of the best things about Republic. The customer service it provides easily tops that of all the companies I deal with. Phone-in customer service may be good, but this is where I’ll always come first.