Buy data or upgrade plan?


I have 9 days left on my billing cycle. I have a 0.5 GB plan. I have 0.1 GB of data left, so it is under 25 percent and they warned me.

I can buy another 0.5 GB of data for $7.50, or I can upgrade my plan from the 15 dollar to the 20 dollar plan.

It says they will refund me for whatever data I don’t use. How do I know which is the most cost effective way to make sure I have don’t run out of data.

I get refunds on my 15 dollar plan all the time. I think I paid $12.44 last month. Presumable because I don’t use very much data. If I upgrade to the $20 1 GB plan, would I receive a rebate for whatever of the 1 GB I don’t use?

I am not smart enough to know if I should upgrade the plan or just pay extra for data whenever I need it.




You are on the Refund Plans seen here:

The next level up is $25, not $20. So if you do a One Time data purchase, or increase your plan the total will be the same.

When making a change to the Refund plans though, it will not take effect until the first day of your next billing cycle.

If you need the additional data for this billing cycle, then do a One Time data purchase. This will not change your plan permanently, but will give you immediate data for this billing cycle.

If you want to upgrade your plan for the future to 1 GB of data ($25) you can also do that now, but it won’t take effect immediately.

You can find directions on how to make a plan change in the same document I referenced above (click the document to open it).




As michellen said and if on the 0.5GB Refund plan your normal plan cost prior to refund would be $17.50 not $15 as you are thinking, You can just purchase the additional data, that’s your only option when more is needed and get a refund for any remaining data that’s not used.

The $15 & $20 plans are the newer plans for the 3.0 phones which have a lower cost per GB but do not refund unused data.

It’s been easy for some members to confuse the the different plans because the 2.0 Refund plan info is not predominately displayed.

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