Buy phone and not activate it. Let my husband do it when he adds it to his account

Hello, My husband and I each have a Republic wireless account. I would like to buy a phone and give it to him as a gift for his birthday but have him be able to add it to his account without me activating it first. Let him do that when he adds it to his account. Can I do this? Please help.

Hi @margied.ewe216!

A number of months ago, Republic changed the way phones are bought. They are no longer associated with accounts until activation takes place. Thus, the phone will not be associated with your account or his account until the SIM card is inserted, and the phone is activated. So, if you buy him a phone, all your husband has to do is activate it and it will be activated under his account. There won’t be any issues with you buying under your account and giving it to him. That is probably one of the reasons why the process was changed . For further reading on activation and a very useful guide, see this document: Activate My Phone . Does that help?


I am buying a phone for someone who does not have Republic yet. I would like to wait to be billed for the first month for a few weeks, until her birthday. I read somewhere that I will be billed for first month when phone is shipped - is this no longer true? Thank you!

this has change now your billed when one activates the phone

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