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I’m a longtime Republic Wireless customer and have been very happy with their service through multiple phones. I’ve bought four phones now through Republic and all have been great. I’d like to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S10+ because it has several features that I think will be really helpful with my work. I noticed that the phone is back ordered through Republic and might take four weeks to ship. Is there any downside to me buying the phone on Amazon and then buying a Republic SIM card to put in the new phone and transfer my old number to the new phone? This may be a silly question but I’m wondering if Republic optimizes their phones in any way beyond just using their SIM card? Will the VOIP functionality be minimized in any way? It’s really the great VOIP service, more than even the savings, that has kept me with Republic for so long. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @dougf.gis4ky,

The S10+ sold by Republic is the US factory unlocked version and functions no differently than the correct model purchased elsewhere; that is SM-G975U1. Any other model will not work.

If your current phone uses the My Choice plans and is using T-Mobile’s network, the SIM may be moved to the S10+. What model phone are you currently using?

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Thank you for the reply. I am currently using a Motorola Moto X Pure. Can I use that SIM card in the correct model S10+? Is there nothing other than the SIM card that differentiates a phone purchased through Republic? I’m asking because I remember that years ago some of the marketing material from Republic seemed to imply that they did other things to their phones to optimize VOIP functionality. That’s how I remember it at least, although I don’t see anything like that on the website now so maybe I’m just remembering it wrong. The VOIP function is really key for me because I don’t get good cellular reception at my home. Thanks again for your help.

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The answer is maybe. If the SIM is GSM, it will move to an S10+ or other Republic compatible phone. If it’s CDMA, may we please know your zip code and we’ll provide further insight. Here’s how to tell:

There’s no difference in WiFi (VoIP) functionality between a phone purchased from Republic or a Republic compatible phone sourced elsewhere.


Thank you for the quick reply! I checked and it indicates the SIM type is GSM. Does that mean I can just take the SIM card from my Moto X Pure and put it in a Samsung unlocked S10+ and it’ll work right away? My phone number will transfer right over, etc.?


Essentially, yes. After moving the SIM and completing initial setup on the S10+, you will need to install Republic’s app on the S10+, then open it. Doing so will present an abbreviated activation sequence. Your Republic service (and number) will move from the X Pure to the S10+.

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