Buyer Asking For PIN #

I recently sold my used Moto Z3 Play phone three weeks ago.

I did a factory reset on it prior to shipping.

Today I get an email from the buyer asking me what the PIN number is to set up the phone.

What the heck?

  1. I don’t remember what the PIN number is.

  2. I did a factory reset on it, everything got deleted from it.

Any advice?

What type of reset did you do? Did you do it from the Settings screens on the phone, or using the key combos that you do it with when the phone is off?

Key combo when the phone is off. Total factory reset, it deleted everything on the phone.

That is a problem.
Doing that way will trigger the Google “Kill Switch” or “Factory Reset Protection” and will require your Google account login info in order to setup the phone.
The proper Factory Reset procedure has to be done via the settings in the phone’s OS, as that removes the Google account.

See RW’s page on reset here:

At this point, the only option you can do is give the new owner your account info, so they can setup the phone, then the new owner do a proper Factory Reset via the OS setting (change your password after they complete reset),…or, they return it to you , and you do the reset correctly and then sell it again.

Back in the day, the reset via the “Recovery Menu” was the best way to wipe a phone, however, Google introduced their Kill Switch in to Modern phones a few years ago.

Also, info from Swappa, a popular site to sell phones.

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