Buying a Galaxy 6s

I am Buying a Galaxy 6S and there are several options. I need to know which I need to buy in order for it to work with Republic? My wife has an existing account and i want to get a her a new phone. There are unlocked phones and Sprint unlocked phone among many others. Which do i need to be compatible?

The specific model needed is the Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920T)

The info is available here:

Good Morning @russellm.tkrjcs,

In the case of Samsung’s Galaxy S6, it’s critical to match the software build on the phone in addition to matching model number SM-G920T. @glarepate has referenced the appropriate documentation, however, for convenience those build numbers are:


We have Samsung to thank for this conundrum. Sadly, Samsung chose to use model number designation SM-G920T for both a factory unlocked variant and a T-Mobile branded variant. Only the factory unlocked variant currently works with Republic. It’s the software build on the phone that distinguishes one from the other and this is why Republic has resorted to specifying software builds for the S6.


Thank you.

You’re most welcome! It really is Samsung that makes verifying S6 models more difficult than it need be. Fortunately, they seem to have come around on the S7s, which sport unique model numbers for the North American factory unlocked variants. Hopefully, it’s a trend.

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