Buying a new phone - Moto g5s plus?

The screen broke on my Moto X Pure so I need to purchase a replacement phone. I am looking at the Moto G5s Plus. I don’t understand much of the cell phone lingo but it looks like this phone uses TMobile towers? TMobile shows my address as only getting spotty coverage outside while Republic Wireless shows me getting full coverage. My Republic Wireless phones have struggled to get WiFi or cell service when in my house for years so I’m worried about a phone that might only get spotty coverage in my home. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thank you so much!!!

The Moto G5S Plus is a very good choice… a lot of phone at a very good price, in my opinion. There is no reason why the G5S+ should have any difficulty in connecting to available WiFi. So, at home, if your router is up to snuff, you should have no trouble with WiFi calls, with the possible exception of the issue discussed in this thread:
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But, at the present time, all new phones come with the 3.0 plans, which are strictly Magenta (T-Mo). The phone is CDMA (Sprint) compatible. But, it cannot be activate on the Sprint network, because the only Sprint plans are those used with RW’s legacy phones. (Edit: This information is not accurate. See @southpaw’s post below)

As far as mobile coverage is concerned, T-Mo’s map will give you a better idea of on-the-road coverage in your area.

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If a long-time member such as @beachb is this confused, then we need to take a moment and clear some things up.

All of our new phones will activate on the My Choice plan. $15 for talk and text, $5 for each GB of cellular data you decide to buy.

Plans are not the same as coverage. Some of the phones we currently sell in our online store come outfitted with GSM SIM cards, some come outfitted with Sprint SIM cards, so we offer new phones with coverage on one of our two network partners. Phones bought elsewhere and brought to RW require a BYOP SIM card which is compatible with only our GSM network partner.

So for example, I carry a Moto X Pure that operates on Sprint’s network when I’m away from Wi-Fi, on the My Choice plan.


@debrad.rb7ems, if you know that Sprint’s network is the better choice for you, please consider the G5+ rather than the G5S+. It’s an excellent phone - that’s what I bought for both my 19-year old daughter and my Pop, and they both like the phone very much. It’s one of the phones we are able to outfit for Sprint coverage.

We are not able to outfit the G5S+ for Sprint coverage at this time.


You right… I should know better. Sorry for the misinformation.

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Thank you! @southpaw I really liked my Moto X Pure and am so sad that it’s not available anymore. Is the Moto 5G+ similar to it? I mainly use my phone for calls, texts, Facebook, and taking loads of pictures of my kids.

Both of my granddaughters moved from the Moto X (2nd Gen) on Sprint to the G5+ on the GSM carrier and they are quite pleased.


My wife and I upgraded to the Moto 5G+ and are quite happy. Hers is using the CDMA network (Sprint) and mine is GSM. They both work fine in our neighborhood but we have the advantage of two carriers when traveling together. I think the main difference with the G5+ and G5S+ is the size of the screen–a very minor difference. I prefer the slightly smaller size.

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@debrad.rb7ems, let me check on things. I’ve just been told our support team can move the G5S+ to Sprint coverage when members with that phone experience poor coverage, and I need to double-check whether we’re selling the G5S+ outfitted for Sprint coverage in our online store yet.

As far as comparing the G5+ (or G5S+) to the Moto Pure, I’m a Moto X person, I’ve had the 1st Gen, 2nd Gen and the X Pure and there are a few features on the X line that I really miss when I try a different phone. As much as I like the Moto G series and especially the G5+, I am just really hooked on being able to wave my hand over my phone and see my notifications. I also like having the phone read me my text messages when I’m driving. I don’t use NFC (tap-to-pay) but if you do, that is also missing on the Moto G5+.

Some of our Community members have built a comparison table here: Detailed Supported Phone Features

Let us know what you end up deciding - we have a limited supply of B-stock (customer-returned, like-new) cases and if we have one available that fits your new phone, we’ll be glad to send it to you.

(Edited to add: I’ve confirmed the G5S+ is currently (as of this writing) available from our online store with only our GSM SIM card, however if you experience coverage issues on that phone, our support team will be glad to evaluate whether moving to a Sprint coverage SIM would improve the coverage experience for you, and if so, they can provide one.)


@southpaw, thank you for this information! I’ve checked the T-Mobile map for my address and it says it will only be fair coverage when outside and no inside coverage. I asked in my neighborhood group about TMobile as well and neighbors have reported they had to leave T-Mobile due to very poor service in our area. Of course the Sprint coverage in my area is not great either, I just don’t want it to be worse than what I already experience. For some reason I have dead zones throughout my house, even when standing directly next to our router (which is new!). Just to confirm though, if I have service trouble with the T-Mobile towers, the RW support team will be able to move it to Sprint towers?

My cell is my home phone and as a stay at home mama I need it to work! :slight_smile:

The Moto E4, G4. G5+, and X4 can all ship from our store with Sprint coverage.

Those same phones as well as the G5S+ can be moved to Sprint coverage if your phone is not equipped with a Sprint-coverage SIM and your coverage experience is not good.

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@southpaw, okay thank you!

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My Choice plane is also referred to as the 4.0 plan by RW.

3.0 plans went bye, bye.

3.0 phones are still here and only active on the 4.0 plan. I have yet to see RW refer any device as being a 4.0 device/phone.

When buying a phone from the Republic Wireless website, how do you know what cell service (Sprint or T-Mobile) it is on? Is there a way to know which cell carrier service your current Republic Wireless phone has?

Legacy phones were all on the CDMA partner
BYOD will all be GSM partner [unless Republic converted it to the CDMA partner and a new SIM sent out on your request to improve coverage]
If the name on the SIM card is bi colored [green ”Re” and gray ”public” ] it will be GSM partner
If the name on the SIM card is all gray [”Republic”] it’s CDMA partner

As for new phones purchased from republic site there is no option to pick, Republic’s coverage checker should pick the better carrier for the zip code entered

Hi @davidl.cw1gb1,

Some of the phones in our online store are compatible with only one carrier. For those that could work with either service, the store will select the carrier, but if you have any coverage issues, just let us know.

Rather than having you pull your SIM card out of your phone(s), I can tell you which kind of SIM card each of your phones has. Just DM me if you’d like me to do so, and let me know which phone numbers you’re curious about.

Is there a particular reason you’re asking? Is there some sort of issue we need to take a look at?

@southpaw, if I buy my phone elsewhere and bring to Republic, will RW still be able to assist with coverage issues? I was hoping for the 64GB Moto G5S but don’t see it offered through RW right now.

Hi @debrad.rb7ems,

Yes. We can help if coverage with the BYOP SIM card is an issue for the G5S+

Isn’t G5S+ still GSM only at this time? .Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help

from the Republic Web site store it’s still GSM but It’s on the short list of newer phones that Republic can convert to CDMA to improve coverage (this happen about the time the Moto E4 and Moto X4 got the CDMA option )

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