Buying a new phone - Moto g5s plus?


Hi @debrad.rb7ems,

Yes. We can help if coverage with the BYOP SIM card is an issue for the G5S+


Isn’t G5S+ still GSM only at this time? .Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help


from the Republic Web site store it’s still GSM but It’s on the short list of newer phones that Republic can convert to CDMA to improve coverage (this happen about the time the Moto E4 and Moto X4 got the CDMA option )


Hi @williamo.vkbg0s,

Despite knowing that in a short time this will be stale information, I listed our current state of store offerings and support capabilities above.

I’m sure our documentation team will work to bring all the relevant documentation up to date once the holidays are over.


Bought the G5 plus and discovered that the wifi reception was inferior to that of my G4. Did some research on the net and seems that this is a known problem. Wondering if the metal back has something to do with this since found the same issue with a metal backed Samsung tablet.
Speaking of the metal back, it’s slipperier than the plastic of my G4.



Thanks, I missed your earlier reply concerning the G5S+. Good to know members have that option.


There are a few other posts about the G5S+ under reviews, but here is mine if you are interested. I’m willing to answer any questions there.


I switched to Republic some years back because we live in an area with very poor cellular coverage. When at home all of my calls go in and out via WiFi. Only during (frequent) power outages does it switch to normal cellular coverage which sometimes works, sometimes does not.

Functionally, I am happy with my Moto G5 plus, ergonomically it’s a disaster. The back of the phone has a super slick and glossy surface. It easily slips out of my pocket (and my hands on dry winter days). I have to be very careful when setting it down on uneven surfaces – I’ve had to rescue it from falling several times. My wife’s G4 is MUCH better in this regard, its nicely textured surface feels natural and is much easier to hold. Whoever decided this ultra-smooth and slick surface was a good thing needs to go back to design school and study ergonomics…


Hi @delwindf.eqqz19,

Thanks for chiming in, and I’m glad to see you mostly like the G5+! We’d hate to see an otherwise satisfactory phone end up shattered! If you’ll promise me you’d put it to good use, I’d be glad to drop one of these in the mail to you tomorrow.


It’s my only real complaint with the phone. I didn’t know such a cover was
available. Yes, I’d be happy to put a black one to good use.

Thanks, Del


Having a G4 myself, you may want to pick up a slim case for her G4 to add some protection as well. Tudia and Incipio both make nice/inexpensive G4 cases that I’d recommend. They’re readily available from Amazon or eBay for about $10.


Was going to purchase one of these with my new G5 Plus. Thanks for the recommendationn


Thanks very much for the information. This will help with my decision. Pretty close to making a purchase. Was going to wait and save up some more of my VA disability money.


I received my new Moto g5s a couple of weeks ago. I have been puzzled by the exact scenario that you raised. Occasionally, while sitting right next to my modem, my Moto g5s plus indicates I’m on cell service with the Wi-Fi symbol blank, even though my Settings Wi-Fi says I’m connected and the signal strength “excellent”. I never had this problem with my Moto X. I’ve tried turning the WiFi off then back on. Doesn’t help. If I leave the room and come back, it often fixes it. Go figure. The Wi-Fi vs cell seems fickle so I check it often as I can’t trust it. Otherwise, though, I’m very happy with the phone.


Is your offer still open? Even for the pink ones? I’ve only had my new Moto g5+ a couple of weeks but have already dropped it once. It’s bigger than the Moto X I had before and I’m still getting used to the larger size and slippery finish. It was thoughtful and generous of you to make the offer. I’m still getting used to the phone as I’m techno-challenged but other than some weird Wi-Fi glitches, I’m very pleased I picked this phone. The photos are amazing. Thanks for your helpful answers on this site.


Hi @cathiw.vgbfqq,

For the issue of the phone sneaking off of Wi-Fi, you may find this thread helpful:

I’ll DM you about the case, as I’m a bit confused there, but am sure we can straighten out my confusion by DM.


A friend of mine bought a G5S+ (direct from Moto). Awesome phone. I’d probably buy one if I was shopping right now. I can’t comment on how well it works specifically with Republic as he is on a different carrier.

Just my proverbial two cents; take it for what it’s worth.


I have noticed that on occasion as well. Seems to be fine now. Could not figure this out either.


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