Buying a New Phone Questions


'm seriously considering upgrading to the Galaxy 8 and have questions.
#1 - If I don’t like it, can I go back to my old phone and plan?
#2 - I believe I have to install the SIM card and the extra memory myself, which is fine; will the SIM card already be configured for my new phone for Republic Wireless upon arrival?
#3 - It says it comes with a mini USB charger; is that a wall outlet charger and/or a USB connection for my laptop or both?
#4 - I have a SIM card in my current phone; I’m assuming that since the Galaxy 8 comes with a SIM card I will not need to use my old SIM card, is that correct?
Thank you!

  1. Legacy phones can be reactivated (by default they reactivate as a 2.0 refund plan but I believe a support ticket could restore a 1.0 plan)
  2. Republic SIM cards are configured and ready for activation (note at this time the Galaxy S8 will be on the GSM partner (T-Mobile) (Legacy phones where on the CDMA partner (Sprint))
  3. From the Spec page it looks like a cable and adapter (2 pieces)

Samsung Galaxy S8
USB Cable
Ejection pin
10w power adaptor
Quick start guide
USB connector (USB type-C)
Micro USB connector

  1. legacy phones are CDMA and therefore the SIM needs to stay with the Phone (note Legacy SIMs are not compatible on 3.0 phones even those that can be activated on CDMA)


I think @christopher was asking for more clarity on what these two items are. @billg or @louisdi, from your experience with Samsung products, can you answer Christopher’s question:

Will he get a wall charger, a USB data cable, or both?


The turbo charger and cable that came with my S7 were separate. The phone’s USB jack is a conventional Micro USB.


For what it’s worth, my interpretation is he will get a USB data cable for plugging into a computer. He will also get a wall adapter that the USB cable may be plugged into. This is common practice for high end phones sold by Samsung. This would seem to be confirmed by Samsung here:


I believe the S8s use USB-C rather than MicroUSB, though I believe there’s an adapter in the box.


That is nice to know. Here is a great article on USB-C.


As the proud owner of an S8, it comes with a wall charger, that has a separate cable. The cable that is included is USB-A at one end and USB-C at the other. The phone also came with a USB-C to Micro-USB converter. The phone itself is USB-C.


don’t forget the item 2 above those

10w power adaptor

this is one will go with a USB (Micro or type C ) I’m not sure which one that should come with the S8 (I believe Type C)
also from the tech page of the S8 Galaxy S8

USB Type-C
3.5 mm headset jack


I answered that above when i said: “it comes with a wall charger that has a separate cable”. That’s the 10W charger. I then further answered it when I said: “The cable that is included is USB-A at one end and USB-C at the other.” Which necessarily means that the wall adapter has a USB-A port, since the phone has a USB-C port.


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