Buying a new phone with my Defy plan


I only pay like $23 a month including tax. If I buy a phone and have to say goodbye to the original plan(tears & sadness), will another plan be as inexpensive? I don’t know how far $5 per GB will get me as I’m not at all tech savy…ty in advance.


History lesson
Republic started with a private beta with the 1st beta phone LG Optimus S in late 2011 [the LG Optimus S was removed from the network in spring of 2014],
Republic moved to the 2nd beta phone the Motorola Defy in the summer of 2012 and made it an open beta in November 2012 (from your profile it looks like this is when you signed up)
Republic exited beta with the release of the 1st legacy phone the Moto X 1st in October/November 2013 [if a beta phone was activated before September 2013 Republic give a beta discount [10%] on the line when an upgrading, (at the time Republic keeped selling the Beta Phone Defy well in to 2014 also in 2014 the Defy was allowed to be reactivated),
As of July 2016 a used Defy could no longer be reactivate but already activated Defy could stay on the network, so one you upgrade (Deactivating the Defy) there will be no going back to it.

The Defy never really used data well and trended to heat up when using data ans seeing that you are not tech savy I would think 1 GB should be enough as long as you are not steaming music or videos.
Republic has been sending data use emails [monthly] for awhile now [not sure if Defy users got these] with out a third party app there is no way to know your usage from you phone [Republic may have that record I would create a help ticket and ask if they do]

If it were me I would move sign up for a 1 GB and see if it runs out and just do a 1 time add on if you need a 2nd GB (if you find you are always adding that 1 GB then move to the 2 GB auto sign up option.


Hi pulchritude ,

You may end up with a lower bill than with your Defy with one of the newer phones + a Beta discount. The talk/text + 1GB data drops to just $18 with the discount. I don’t use data every month and set my plan up for the basic talk/text at $15 and add the $5 per GB data as needed. I haven’t a needed to add a 2nd GB since being on the Choice plans.


My beta discount

@DRM- That was such great info, your time spent to do this is much appreciated, thank you.


@ [PlaneTherapist- This really helps. If I want to move to that plan which would actually cost me less, which plan is that called and more importantly, which phone would I need to purchase? Lastly, how do I apply for the discount and how do I go forward with all this? Thank you so much for your time.


@pulchritude you welcome glad to be of an assistance

That Plan is the only plan for the newer phones the My Choice Plan
with the Beta Discount the prices are as follows

the Beta discount should automatically apply when you activate a replacement for you Defy line (if it does not a support ticket can put it on the line )

as for wich phone Republic has lots of 3.0 phones to choose from any in it online store would uses those plans Top Android Smartphones, payment plans optional | Republic Wireless

for a full list of supported phones with feature please see Detailed Supported Phone Features


The Base+1 GB sounds perfect for me. Will that discounted price continue or will that be for a set period of time? Sorry for asking so many questions, much appreciated.


there is no set time for the beta discount to expire

I will note it does not stack with other discounts and may be lost if you take one of those discount (like the teacher discount promotion) also if you cancel the line in the future it will also be lost


OM goodness…I just took a peek at the phones available list and I now have a major headache (joking) because I’m clueless as to what all those abbreviations, i.e., CDMA, GSM, NFC on the Moto X, etc. actually mean!! I’m going to have to take a quick college course to figure this out but thank goodness I’m not in a real hurry. I’ll study for that exam later :slight_smile: - Thank you guys!


CDMA and GSM are just cell network technologies with Republic they are also the 2 different backbone carriers (one or the other not both)
CDMA is what the Defy was on and the backbone provider is Sprint
GSM is the new partner (T-Mobile) that the newer phone can use (all the 3.0 phones are GSM most can use either)
NFC is Near Field Communication which is mainly used for “Google Pay” (aka android pay) (Samsung phones also use this for their Samsung pay) this is when you tap your phone to pay at a store
If you have any other question feel free to ask


@drm- Be carefulwhat u ask for lol as I DO have more to ask! My other cell is a Samsung Galaxy, my carrier is T-Mobile so I’m tending towards using GSM. I do not anticipate buying anything from Google Pay so I guess I won’t be needing the NFC technology…I’m not even sure what I just said lol!!

So if I understand correctly, will I now shop for 3.0 phones? If so, which link should I use to shop for my phone that will also accommodate my anticipated Base +1GB plan?


Republic Sells phones on their site here:

Or, you can purchase a compatible Unlocked Supported phones from elsewhere:

Also, this article is very informative:


one does not buy from Google Pay but uses it to make purchase (most fast food and retail will take Google Pay vs using a credit card or cash, It’s Google version of Apple Pay)

If you do purchase from a 3rd party (BYOD) you will need to match the exact model listed in the supported phones and will need a BYOD GSM SIM
as for where B&H, Best Buy and Amazon all carry the North American Factory unlock models that Republic uses, if looking at used there eBay, Craigslist and Swappa (Swappa is my recommendation as there are too many scam on craigslist and eBay can be hit or miss)


If you want a good basic phone the Moto E4 would be a big upgrade from your current Defy, RW sells it for $129, comes with a RW SIM card and is compatible with both the CDMA ans GSM networks.



The Moto E4 is a great phone at that price. I would recommend it over the Samsung J3.


@PlaneT- that’s good to know you haven’t had to buy more as I really don’t know what I use but gives me some perspective. And knowing I can just add GB’s as I may need them without having to commit to it every month is refreshing, thnx PT.


@drm- Ahhh, now I know what google pay is & may very well be what I’d like to use in the future; I simply hate whipping out my credit card in public when I know there are so many ways to steal my info by, for example, taking a pic of my card with their phone…ugh. TY drm!


@SpeedingCheetah- Thanks for those links and that other article was a big help - Thank you!


@davenc- Can the Moto E4 work with the My Choice base + 1GB plan? It looks like that’s the plan for me.


Yes all new supported phones use that plan