Buying a new phone with my Defy plan


@drm- Be carefulwhat u ask for lol as I DO have more to ask! My other cell is a Samsung Galaxy, my carrier is T-Mobile so I’m tending towards using GSM. I do not anticipate buying anything from Google Pay so I guess I won’t be needing the NFC technology…I’m not even sure what I just said lol!!

So if I understand correctly, will I now shop for 3.0 phones? If so, which link should I use to shop for my phone that will also accommodate my anticipated Base +1GB plan?


Republic Sells phones on their site here:

Or, you can purchase a compatible Unlocked Supported phones from elsewhere:

Also, this article is very informative:


one does not buy from Google Pay but uses it to make purchase (most fast food and retail will take Google Pay vs using a credit card or cash, It’s Google version of Apple Pay)

If you do purchase from a 3rd party (BYOD) you will need to match the exact model listed in the supported phones and will need a BYOD GSM SIM
as for where B&H, Best Buy and Amazon all carry the North American Factory unlock models that Republic uses, if looking at used there eBay, Craigslist and Swappa (Swappa is my recommendation as there are too many scam on craigslist and eBay can be hit or miss)


If you want a good basic phone the Moto E4 would be a big upgrade from your current Defy, RW sells it for $129, comes with a RW SIM card and is compatible with both the CDMA ans GSM networks.



The Moto E4 is a great phone at that price. I would recommend it over the Samsung J3.


@PlaneT- that’s good to know you haven’t had to buy more as I really don’t know what I use but gives me some perspective. And knowing I can just add GB’s as I may need them without having to commit to it every month is refreshing, thnx PT.


@drm- Ahhh, now I know what google pay is & may very well be what I’d like to use in the future; I simply hate whipping out my credit card in public when I know there are so many ways to steal my info by, for example, taking a pic of my card with their phone…ugh. TY drm!


@SpeedingCheetah- Thanks for those links and that other article was a big help - Thank you!


@davenc- Can the Moto E4 work with the My Choice base + 1GB plan? It looks like that’s the plan for me.


Yes all new supported phones use that plan


@davenc- Here is a question for you since it seems you know pricing comparisons pretty well…Is shopping directly from the RW site a smart move in terms of getting a fair deal? I’m thinking since they’re making it convenient for us to purchase there, there may be a price to pay for that convenience. I’m tending towards this because I won’t have to bother trying to figure out compatibility issues.


@happywillow0- Don’t know how I missed your post but I do want to thank you for the info you posted. It was what I was looking for initially - Thank you hw0 :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s the plan I use with my Moto E4


@drm- Are there any real estate agent discounts!? Where do I go to see which promotions, if any, are applicable to me?


davenc- So you’re on that plan now…what happens if you went over the 1GB allotted? In other words, will I be charged extra if I go over & are there roll-over options? Also, will I have the ability to watch a youtube vid now & then without going over? Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


When you run out of data, you have no data connection at all to use. (Calls and Texts will still work). You will either need to find wifi to use data again, or go into the R.W app and purchse another 1GB of data for a one time instant charge of $5.

There is no roll over data or overage fees or refund for used data. Your set data allotment resets each month.

I suggest setting YouTube app to Only Stream HD video on WiFi, this will help reduce data usage. How much you stream videos is a key factor in how much data one uses per month. If you play several medium to long videos a day on mobile data and not on wifi, you may be looking at 2 to 3GB of use pretty easy. But if is just a few every week, you can get by with just 1GB fine.

More details on the My Choice plan are here:


The only discount available that I am aware of is the Educators discount:

As far as sales or other promotions, they can be found here:


The price of the phones on RW’s website appears to be the same retail price that I’ve found elsewhere. For example the Moto E4 Unlocked version is $129 everywhere that I’ve looked.


That’s refreshing, ty for the reply!


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