Buying a used moto x1 - don't

I’m posting this as a public service. I like the Moto X1, but I like RW Service Plan 2 rates even more. And as a result I have tried to buy four “lightly used and in perfect condition” Moto X1’s as backup. We all know RW will remove support for them any day but I was determined to hold on until they do. After buying four of them I’ve learned they are not worth having. In ALL FOUR the battery had been replaced and all the mounting Torx screw heads had been stripped out. This condition makes it impossible to replace the battery again, ever. And sellers all know that you can’t discover the deception without removing the back and attempting to unscrew them. NATURALLY they all pretend that the screws were fine when they owned it. To me, this proves that a used Moto X1 is not worth buying at any price. Moto X1 owners claim to know nothing, One even described the battery as “very good for age”. Of course he had stripped the screws out already. So if you like the X1 this is your notice that, unlike the Defy XT, RW willl probably not have to withdraw support after all. Junk engineering and design wins. So whatever you do, don’t waste your money chasing ANY used Moto X1. Today they are all in the same level of “perfect” condition.

Although I now don’t recommend a used 1st gen it’s due to other reasons [your experience could happen with any used phone , when buying used you may be buying someone else’s issues and headache]
The main reason I don’t recommend the 1st gen Moto is they are getting old and outdated they are 3-4 years old [a very long time for a consumer electronics] never worked all that well on the last OS build (5.1), we are starting to see apps not support this level of OS

Hi @ckh,

This is not something I am aware of. Please be careful when sharing information to our members that you don’t confuse speculation and fact.

I would also advise against assuming all Moto X 1st Gens have had their screws intentionally stripped.

I have a destroyed X1. My daughter dropped it downtown and it appears it was run over in traffic. I know for a fact the back was never removed and the screws were never altered.

If you’d like, I’ll send it to you and you can open it up and see if the condition is the same as what you’ve experienced. Then you can determine if the state of the screws was an intentional act preformed by your sellers, or the design of the phone, as the battery is not meant to be consumer-replaceable.

Intentionally stripped? I looked but can’t find that statement in the post. I can assure you that every seller either swore the screws had not been removed or they knew nothing about it. Odd don’t you think? Anyway, the fact remains that phones of this age will benefit from battery replacement. And very few, if any, survived with their original battery intact. I should apollogize if I implied that some sellers might have olympic level poor memories but it does prove that these phones are just another product designed for a landfill.

Or. possibly you were referring to my statement about RW withdrawing support for the old Plan 2 phones? Well I had a few Defy XT’s and they all had to be tossed when support was withdrawn. One nephew, who also had a Defy XT, finally got a call from RW offerring to buy his just so they could retire it. So probably my memory is not yet impaired enough, but I will no doubt be a happier consumer when it is.

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I think you’re forgetting that the Defy’s were a beta product and the fact that Republic supported them for as long as they did, even when moving in a different direction after the beta, is remarkable.

The X1 (and all the 1.0 phones) were production products, of which Republic sold many times more than the old Defys. The bigger issue is that the phones are stuck at 5.1 You’ll likely start to see apps no longer supporting 5.1, and corporate systems refusing connection due to security patch levels, before you see termination of support from Republic.


What’s the issue with 5.1? My X1 with 5.1 seems to work, although the battery is starting to show it’s age.

There are online stores that sell new screws for many phones. If one was worried then when the screw comes out put a new one in. There are products that can be put on electronic devices & or the screws ( processor heatsink paste comes to mind). so there are workarounds but getting stripped screws out is a pain but I bet if well thought out they can be removed . The case may not survive but they are available in parts too.

Nothing other than it slower than it was in KitKat, some games don’t run right [they worked in KitKat and have no issues on my 2nd Gen], Motorola took a long time to bring lollipop to the Moto X 1st but it hardware just didn’t work right [the Moto X 1st was designed for jellybean/KitKat ]
At this point in time I do not recommend 1st gen device in there day they where good little phones but just are ending there usefulness IMO

A cell phone “game” that I would want to spend any time on has not been built.

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We have a Defy XT still active in the family. Is Republic still offering that “incentive” to replace the Defy?

My nephew didn’t provide many details, other than that RW contacted him and offerred a discounted price on a new Plan 3 phone. Why they would pick him while leaving others out there is a mystery. I know RW did offer some compenstion for those of us who had purchased DEFY XTD backups that were bricked by the policy changes. And II know that because I had three at the time. I don’t want to disclose the amount as it was a while ago and I still think it inadequate. The price should should be far higher today in any case, as corporate cost savings today can be spread among far fewer surviving phones.

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