Buying a Used Phone

I have found a used MotoX 2nd gen for sale in my local area and am looking for anyone that might have some tips for me; things I should check or look for in order to make sure the phone is okay. Thank you!

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

  • Make sure the phone you’re buying is a Republic Wireless model
    Only deactivated Republic Wireless phones can be reactivated on Republic Wireless due to our Hybrid Calling technology.

  • This is true for Legacy phones like the Moto X 2nd Gen (Model XT-1094)
  • Make sure the seller has disabled “Kill Switch” login protections
    With the release of Lollipop, phone owners now have more protection over their phone than ever before. Unfortunately, these same protections can make it hard for second-hand owners of the phone to bypass the security measures if not properly disabled by the seller. Known as the “Kill Switch”, these protections have owners link their phone with Google so that, even if a factory reset is performed, you’ll need to enter the PIN number the owner set up to disable this feature. If you’re buying from a seller with a Lollipop-enabled (or higher) phone, make sure they’ve disabled this security feature.
  • **Find out if the phone is rooted or modified
    **Republic doesn’t offer support for rooted devices. Check out Rooting and User Modification for more info.
    for the Moto X 2nd Gen make sure the sell is including the original SIM as it’s need for LTE and is link to the phone

Very helpful! I knew I could the RW community would be a great help in looking to purchase a used phone.

Another additional question; is there any way I can know by checking the phone myself if it has been rooted/modified?

the only way I know of is what Motorola uses to stop support a flag that get flip when the Rooted

during a system cache wipe (from recovery mode)

“qe = 1/1” means it been rooted

Not being a techie, that is kinda Greek to me.

The owner just said, GM 100% not modified. But also is saying that is does have the sim card but ported the number to Verizon and is checking with RW now bc the number is still on the account.

Also, not sure what GM means

Asap, on my way to buy this used phone. How do I find out/check to see if the phone actually works? Thanks for all who take time to help!

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