Buying A Used Republic Phone for use in a "No BYOD supported" area

Hi, I am thinking of returning to Republic after a few years. When clicking through the menus on the homepage, I see that BYOP is not supported in my area. I don’t want to purchase a phone directly from republic, because phones like the Moto G5 can be found much cheaper on the used market.

If I purchase a Republic Wireless phone from eBay or Swappa, I’m assuming it will work in my area because it supports Republics CDMA partner (or something like that). My question is if I buy a Republic Wireless Moto G5 from eBay, will I be allowed to activate it using a BYOP sim kit if BYOP is not supported in my area? I just want to make sure that Republic will actually let me activate a used phone, which should be the same as what is sold on their site.

Another quick question as a returning customer, are there multiple plans now? I see the My Choice plan, but I saw reference to the Republic Rebate plan in the forums and I didn’t know if they are still doing that. Also, what is currently being worked on in Republic Labs? Would appreciate any advice on buying a used phone.

Hello @raymondw.tpfvmt
all BYOD Phones must start on the GSM partner but if they have CDMA compatibility then a support ticket can move them to CDMA
in order to active a CDMA SIM the Phone needs to already be in Republic system and this is the reason for aBYOD is GSM at first.

the Republic version on 3.0 phones are the US (North American) Factory unlocked versions please see the supported phones list for the correct models numbers

Please see the list of CDMA compatible phones here

or in the detail feature list put together by the Community

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You’ll be able to activate the phone but Republic predicts you’ll have lousy service. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to open a ticket and ask that support move you to Republic’s CDMA partner. (the BYOP SIM is on Republic’s other partner).

Any of the newer phones (everything other than the legacy Moto Defy, X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2) activate on the My Choice ( plans. The other plans are for the legacy phones only.

Republic is always working on stuff. As you may have seen they recently release the Relay ( and the other thing we know about is “Anywhere HQ” which is shown here: Texting App | Text from Computer | Republic Wireless

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