Buying an International SIM card



Hello everyone,

I will be traveling overseas and therefore out of the Republic Wireless network, and am curious about buying an International SIM card that I can use overseas. Has anyone done that and if so, offer some guidance?



Hi @gregm.9166

Welcome to the Republic community where users can help each other out. Traveling is quite fun, especially overseas. I have gone to China and Europe with my phone as well.

To get to your question, like most questions, it depends. Starting at the very basic, you will need a unlocked phone so as long as you are on the My Choice plans and not the Republic 1.0 or 2.0 plans, (aka any of the newer phones) you should be able to swap out SIM card out.

Depending on where you are traveling to, you can get a SIM at a local cell phone store, the airport, or even get it delivered to you before you leave. (China for instance has more restrictions on cellphone registration so buying one ahead of time and per-regestering with the SIM seller is easier)

The Republic Wireless app might complain that you aren’t using a Republic Wireless SIM but I don’t remember if it was fine or not. If you use Republic Anywhere, you can use the Republic Anywhere app to keep on texting using your republic number (like you never left) even with a different sim in your phone.

Just don’t be like me. I was on a group tour of Europe thinking wifi would be enough (it was fine for my parents but I felt so disconnected). Instead of just buying a pre-loaded sim at the airport, I bought a empty SIM card, had to find wifi, and then had to figure out how to load the account with money and activate the SIM. In hindsight though, it was a fun adventure.



Thanks everyone. Good information.