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I am trying to buy a new Moto g4. It’s in my cart. But when I go to enter my email and password it will accept the email but I can’t enter a password. Why do you make it so difficult to buy. I would think that you would treat loyal customers better by not making them use buggy software.


What happens when you try to enter your password? I just ordered a phone last week and there was no password issue. I was using Chrome and ordering from my PC>


Hi @tonys.9p4s2k

I just went through the process and I was not asked to login at all. I am wondering if you are signed into just the Community and not a master account, those two are not necessarily the same.


I had the phone in my shopping cart and went to check out. A box came up
for me to enter buyer data or, as an established customer, to enter my
email address and then my password. I entered my email address: no problem.
But I could not get to the box below to enter my password . Instead, when I
moved to the box below it put me WAY BELOW the box above and still added
what I typed as my password onto the end of my email address! Then it
informed me that my email was wrong and wouldn’t let go further.


The password entry panel is rather large. Are you doing this from your PC? Try using tab to move to the lower field.


No. I was using my iPad. I bought my first phone from Republic this way. My
current phone, a Nexus 5, on line and got the Republic ROM from Republic.
But I let it get wet and lost the telephone functions. So I am eagerly
looking forward to a waterproof phone to replace it, especially since I am
going into the hospital and need communications ability.


Hi @tonys.9p4s2k

If you are still not able to check out, please try the following:

Close your browser then open and go to this link:

Top Android Smartphones, payment plans optional | Republic Wireless

Do you see Login in the top right corner? If so, select that and login, then try to go through checkout.


My greatful thanks to Johnny5. I successfully logged on and placed my order.


You’re very welcome, @tonys.9p4s2k Thanks for reporting back!


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