Buying direct from Motorola

Reluctantly I have to replace my Moto G4 because of speaker problems. I have googled a fix and if I twist the phone it helps for a bit but twisting the phone is getting old.

Since I cant’ seem to fix that problem I am thinking of buying a new phone. I see that Motorola is having a Halloween sale and the Moto G Power is $179.99.

I would prefer to buy it directly from Republic. Does Republic have price match on phones? If not, will this one work with my existing Republic coverage?

Thanks so much, Pam

Hi @pamd.2abvzh,

Our policy is that we don’t price match.

We do, however, welcome compatible phones sold elsewhere, so that you can get the most bang for your buck. The “carrier-unlocked” phone you linked to is supported for our service.

It looks like a good deal. You might consider adding it to PSA: Republic-supported phones on sale elsewhere


Thank you so much! I will post it! Thanks again, Pam

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