Buying new Republic Wireless phone

I’m looking to buy a new phone and wondering if there are any incentives available - I thought we got a free phone if it was at least 2 years old…or a discount?

Short answer No & No
However they often have flash sales and announce them to the community via Announcements & News - Member Community
Here is a Republic Help doc of interest

Hi @christopherw.060s6z

To the best of my knowledge, Republic has never offered this type of deal. In any event, given that Republic now sells factory unlocked phones that may from the moment purchased be taken to alternative service providers in addition to Republic, it’s simply not feasible from a business perspective. Competitors offering such deals lock the phone to their network for some period of time.

For what it’s worth, Republic is offering a sale ($200 off list price) for Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series: Holiday Deals – Republic Wireless. Admittedly, these are not inexpensive phones.

In my opinion, the best bang for the buck Android phone in today’s market is Google’s Pixel 3a. It’s not cheap but, hopefully won’t break the bank either.

Another potential benefit of Republic’s move to factory unlocked phones is the ability to source elsewhere where one might potentially find a better price. Some resources for bring your own phone follow:


Hi @christopherw.060s6z
If you buy from there is a special that if you buy a select phone you get a Moto G6 free. Go to the website and make sure the one you pay for is compatible. There is 1 or 2 not compatible in the lineup for sale.


Hi bocephous I got the pixel 3a for$299 plus tax. the thing is if you have a google account You don,t need a sim. Plus they are getting the android 10 load(which rolling out now) an then you can use the sim/e sim so the phone will use two carriers at the same time for the best signal an switch one to the other.
Big artical in Life about this.

Republic Wireless does not support eSIM at this time, nor connecting to multiple cellular networks.
If one wishes to use the Pixel 3a on RW, they will need to buy a RW sim and install along with the app.

AT&T, AT&T Prepaid, T-Mobile, T-Mobile Prepaid, Verizon and Trufone all support eSIM.

The Pixel 3a/3a XL and 4/4XL both support DSDS

On Fi this is true (Fi on both eSIM and physical SIM) currently only on the Pixel 4, although the 3a is capable, they haven’t implemented it for the 3a. On any other combination of carriers any switching would have to be done by the user as the phone does not automatically switch.

Yes they have. I have the pixel 3a an it is on FI. Just got it yesterday. Love it.

Interesting, Reddit, the Fi help documents, Fi chat and Fi telephone support all say it doesn’t work with the 3a yet. :man_shrugging:

Yes the info was bad about the 3a being able to do this e sim bit. Hey was all set to go best buy an get a sim. But when I opened the box there was a big notice saying get google fi working instantly etc etc. Hey works great so far. An came with android 10
already loaded.

EDIT I still have RW on 2 phone one a samsung A20 an it is a great Phone an MotoG 5+

There is a differece between eSIM and DSDS. The DSDS offering requires that the phone have both a Fi eSIM and a Fi physical SIM.

Unless Fi changed their policy there’s no particular time you must remain with them after the phone activation. You can get a RW BYOP SIM card and activate again with RW. If you had number ported to FI once ported back to RW you’d receive a refund from FI which may take a while from my experience. IMO RW has better plan pricing if you don’t need the possible increased coverage with Fi. Fi can be a great place to get a phone at a discounted price for those that don’t mind going through the inconveniences.


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