Buying plan for family member



I live in Portland, OR and would like to buy a phone and plan (and pay for it) for my mom in Dallas, TX. I don’t currently have a RW plan, so this would be a whole new plan. There are a number of problems I can see here, from what name to put on the account, to how to make sure she gets the right phone number area code and service type based on her area. (I wish to set up the phone for her before sending it.)

Any thoughts on how I should go about this or how to make this work?



Create your own account for payment.

Prior to ordering a phone for her do a coverage check and enter her zip code.


Thanks! It looks like I’m going to have to activate with the local area code and then change numbers as part of the setup, but that should be okay.


Hi @kayateia

Here is a link to the instructions for changing the number on your mom’s phone:


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