Buying through Republic vs other vendor?

What is the advantage of buying a phone from Republic vs bringing a Republic approved phone from another vendor? What phones do you like?

There are a few advantages from buying from Republic over a different vendor

  1. The SIM card will come with it

  2. You could possibly get a CDMA phone if you are an existing customer.

The advantages of buying elsewhere

  1. MIGHT FIND THE PHONE CHEAPER. (That is a pretty big one)

You will need a BYOP SIM card if you go that route. The Bring Your Own Phone SIMs are now available at the links below.

The BYOP route is only GSM at this time.

What phone are you looking at?

  • Buying from republic you get the SIM included (when buying from third party you nee to buy a SIM

  • Right now all Third party phones are GSM network (T-Mobile)
    (note the Moto G4 Play and Nexus 6 are BYOP only as Republic does not sell them)

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

  • Current customers when ordering a Moto G4/G4+,G4, Moto X Pure,Nexus 5X/6P may get a CDMA base Network (Sprint) if Republic computers think CDMA would be better coverage
    (note sound like this will be extended to new customers as well in a few day as the next step in the soft launch of Republic 3.0 CDMA

republic-wireless-30-cdma-update latest

For new customers, we are currently offering only our GSM carrier, but should start expanding the system-selection method to new customers in the coming days.

{note the Huawei, Galaxy J3/S6 Moto Z/Zplay are GSM phones only and will always be T-Mobile based network}

(Note Huawei Ascend 5W is a Republic sold only phone at this time (though if found uses can be BYOD)

  • Third party sites can be cheaper or have sales,
  • third party can be refurbished or used (more cost saving)
  • third party phone must match the model (and in some cases builds) to work on Republic

Republic_Wireless_3.0_Phones sold by Republic

Republic Bring_Your_Own_Phone_FAQs

Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless (SIM is $5 + Tax) (amazon has SIM for $5 (free Prime Shipping)

To make this a little more clear, if you buy a Samsung or Motorola Z from Republic you will guarantee that it will be the correct model of phone.

If you buy from someone else, you need to be careful as to which model you buy.

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