Buying used phone from a friend

what I need to know buying used republic wireless cellphone for my existing account with RW. I’m hoping to transfer my SIM card from old phone to new/used phone that I bought from other person. And use my plan that I already have with RW.

Does phone need to be deactivated, without SIM card or what should I be looking before I buy

Thank you so much


See Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones … assuming your talking a used Moto X1/2, G1/3 or E1/2 there is nothing on the SIM card (for those that even have them) that transfers … they only provide LTE coverage and should be left with the phone,

If you’re moving up to a 3.0 supported phone from RW or approved BYOP you will need a Republic SIM… purchased from RW (normally these are 2nd sourced on Amazon but they appeared pulled earlier today)

See Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs in the community and the sales FAQs | Republic Wireless for additional information

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