Buying Z4 from Motorola

If I buy the Z4 unlocked from Motorola is it going to transition smoothly over to Republic Wireless. Pro and Con gladly welcome

Hi @rhondam.bqhd4d - sorry no one has replied to your question earlier. Recommend you read through these following documents so you have the information you need to make sure you purchase a fully compatible phone.

Here’s the information about the Moto Z4 from the RW site (which you may have already reviewed) - Motorola moto z⁴ – Republic Wireless

Are you upgrading from an existing RW phone? If so, do you know if your old phone is CDMA or GSM? There could be some difference in coverage for your location.

If you do not purchase the Moto Z4 through RW you may need to purchase a SIM card either from RW or Amazon. Here’s an article about swapping SIM card between RW phones - Is It Okay to Swap SIM Cards Between Phones? – Republic Help. So depending on your situation, if you do need to buy a SIM it will be GSM. Installing the SIM and activating is not terribly difficult.

There are other considerations, but instead of information overload, I’d suggest you read these documents and then come back with questions. Community Members can supply more specific guidance if you decide to go the Moto Z4 route.

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