BYO Moto G Fast vs Moto G Power

Hi, thinking of getting an unlocked Moto G fast or Moto G power from Target. Will I be able to just buy a sim card from Republic and be able to use the unlocked phone on the Republic network? Also, does anyone have an opinion on which phone is the better option? Thanks!

Hi @gracej.8ce0a8 and welcome back to the Member Community. The choice between the two phones really depends on your needs. Many people like the Power for battery size. Recommend you read the reviews on both phones available on the RW site.

Wherever you purchase the phone, you will need to make sure the Moto G Fast is model XT2045-3 and the Moto G Power needs to be model XT2041-4. In either case, the BYOP Motorola phones will need to be North American factory unlocked.

Here’s a Help Center article that lists the phones and has links to technical specifications for each which might help your decision. The phone features and other information for both phones are listed on the RW page too!

You can purchase the SIM from RW or Amazon. Amazon offers free shipping if you are a Prime member. The SIM purchased from Amazon will be a GSM SIM.

Hope this helps! Come on back if you have more questions.


Thank you - very helpful response and links!


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