BYOD not supported in my area but may not matter?

I want to buy a new phone, but the ones I want from Republic Wireless are out of stock (which is a drag, by the way). So I thought I’d buy the phone I want elsewhere and get this SIM card kit I am reading about. I notice, however, that BYOP is not supported in my area. I don’t think that matters, but I want someone to confirm that for me. Where I live there is bare minimum cell service. That’s why I use Republic Wireless–because I can at least use my cell phone on my wifi. When I am in town and out and about where there is cell coverage, which is most of my week, I can use my phone on cell service.

So my question is will my phone work on wifi at home and on cell service everywhere else if I buy it somewhere besides from Republic Wireless? Do I still need to buy this SIM card kit?


Honestly, I don’t think any cell provider can promise that you will have “cell service everywhere else” because all of them have dead zones somewhere or another. It appears that Republic Wireless didn’t give you the option for BYOP based on coverage in your area because their coverage checker system was trying to give you the best coverage option. If I were you, and you still wanted to potentially have the option of testing out Republic Wireless’ GSM (T-mobile) or CDMA (Sprint) service, then I would get a phone that supports both GSM and CMDA like a Moto g6 Play. That way, if you do experience signal issues, then you can open a ticket with support to get another sim to use the different network.

Candidly, more information would better help the Community to help you. To properly assess coverage options, may we know the zip code where the phone will be used? Generally, when sourcing a phone elsewhere to bring to Republic, purchase of the SIM kit is required, however, that might depend upon the brand, model and generation of the phone being replaced. May we know those?

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t-mobile and sprint don’t work at my house. we have tried all the different providers in the past. I’ve had a phone from republic wireless for a couple years now and can make calls using my wifi. what I need to know is if I buy a new, compatible phone from somewhere else will it work the same as the phone I have now? I assume so and I don’t need this SIM card thing, right?

and, of course I know you can’t have cell service “everywhere.” I’ll leave it at I have cell service “everywhere I need it during the course of an average day.”

thanks for responding.

sure. the zip code is 32352. the phone I have now is a moto g3 I bought from republic wireless. I’m thinking of replacing it with a g5 plus or a e4 plus,but have to purchase it elsewhere because they’re out of stock from republic wireless.

Hi @amyb.ul5edx,

Thank you for the additional context!

Your G3 is provisioned for cellular coverage with Sprint. Republic’s bring your own SIM is GSM meaning that cellular coverage on a new phone sourced elsewhere would not be with Sprint. Translated, Republic’s telling you that BYOP isn’t supported for your area is their way of advising you the coverage you will get from a bring your own GSM SIM is likely to be inadequate.

I note you reference Sprint’s coverage also not being great where your are. That notwithstanding, it’s possible to get the same coverage on a G5 Plus or E4 Plus sourced elsewhere after first activating it with the bring your own GSM SIM. Republic documents the process here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help.

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ok, sorry to be dense, but in non-technical-person English, I will be OK if I buy the phone elsewhere and also get the republic wireless SIM card. right?


It will be BUT you should be sure to buy one of the phones that shows with a “Yes” under CDMA on this chart: Detailed Supported Phone Features so that if coverage is bad (which it likely will be) Republic support can move you to the better coverage in your area (of the CDMA network).

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