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Will an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10e from T-Mobile with model# SM-G970UZKETMB work with Republic Wireless? From what I read online, only phones that end with XAA work with Republic Wireless. But if the phone is already working with T-Mobile, shouldn’t it work with Republic Wireless as well even though model# doesn’t match? Can I use this phone with Republic Wireless?

That Model is not on the supported phones list and therefor will not work on Republic at this time (Republic app runs a White-list and only approved phones will work)
(at this time Republic only supports the US Factory Unlocked version so any carrier version is not supported)
note: Carrier unlocked does not equal Factory unlocked

carrier version can have software add to the ROM that may interfere with Republic Hybrid WiFi 1st with Cell Backup service , Carrier version may have different hardware (some may have CDMA removed or have different LTE Bands)

If a bug or OS update breaks Republic service there a good chance that the OEM will fix it on the Factory Unlocked version at Republic’s request while a carrier version will only be fix at the request of the carrier who may not care that a feature they are not using is broken


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