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I am considering Republic Wireless and planned on purchasing an unlocked/new Motorola G6 from Best Buy (where I have gift cards saved up). I have not yet purchased this phone. From what I can see there is only one, very specific (32G) G6 model that Republic supports and Best Buy does not carry that model of the G6, although they do carry the G6 (64G version, BTW).

Is Republic support for BYOD really that narrow? It just seems odd that only one single version (out of what is probably 10 or 20) of the G6 unlocked models is supported.



Republic supports all of the US Factory Unlocked versions of the G6. The color/capacity don’t matter. More info here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

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Thank you. That is MUCH more clear than what you get in simply following the path in the "“Shop Now” link on the RW website. I guess this is common but Best Buy doesn’t even list the referenced “Model #'s” even though it states the “Model” (which is actually a Part # as you stated).

Thanks again for the prompt response.



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