BYOP and keeing old plan

I am planning on buying a Google Pixel 2 XL for my wife and I was wondering if I am able to keep my old plan?

We are on the old unlimited text and talk with wifi data for 10$ each a month.

Am I able to transfer my old plan to a new Google Pixel 2?

I am thinking I would have to get a new plan for at 15$ with 0GB. Am I correct in assuming that?

Hi @jaysonc.uexexp

Yes. You are correct. If you bring a new Pixel, you will have to change to the $15 plan. If you want to keep your old plan, you need to buy a Republic Moto X1 or X2, Moto G1 or G3, or Moto E1 or E2. I hope that helps!


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Thank you for the quick response.

I will have to upgrade her plan. I guess the awesome $10 plan is like any king, no king can reign forever.

Thanks again!


Yeah. It was a great deal! However, the $15 plan is still pretty reasonable. The best in the market in fact :wink: .

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Xfinity mobile offers unlimited talk/text + WiFi data for free when you buy a phone through them. No contract. They’ll finance it too. Cheapest phone is an LG for $7.50/mo. 4g data is $12/gig, if you want it.

If and only if you are or are willing to become an Xfinity residential Internet customer.

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And according to this Verizon, is the carrier used … if you can believe the answers found on a forum (other than this one of course) :smiling_imp:

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No… No you’re not doing this right. You need to be complaining a lot more. :yum:

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