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So I want to switch to Republic with a Samsung Galaxy S6 but I haven’t actually purchased one yet. I’m looking on ebay and found and several others similar. I’m having a really hard time making sure everything matches because Republic seems to have so many requirements when it comes to bringing your own phone.

If this is incompatible, can I have a list of all the MPN (the phone in the link has the number SM-G920T) numbers that can go with all the different Samsung models and builds?



Hi @halibree,

The phones at the link you provided will not work with Republic.

Beyond that, I’m confused by your questions. You reference wanting to switch to Cricket. If that’s the intent, why does it matter if a particular phone works with Republic?

By MPN, are you inquiring about manufacturer’s part numbers? One of the challenges with some Samsung phones is Samsung used the same model numbers for multiple variants of the same phone. The more detailed manufacturer’s SKUs are different.

For the S6, the correct manufacturer’s SKU is
SM-G920TZKAXAR. Otherwise, Republic documents its supported phone requirements here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help. Some additional information you may find helpful here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.



I’m sorry for the confusion! I didn’t mean Cricket at all. I’ve edited it. Also, in the title, the phone has the number SM-G920T. I was thinking this number had something to do with it being unlocked.



Thank you for the article, it was very helpful. So a used S6 phone is almost impossible to find and I should look for another phone if I want to switch back to Republic?



Thank you for the clarification and no apology is needed!

There are varying flavors of unlocked. There’s carrier unlocked, which simply means a phone originally manufactured for a particular cellular network is now able to be used on other compatible networks. For example, an AT&T branded phone once unlocked might work on T-Mobile’s network. Unlocking a carrier branded phone doesn’t change the software on said phone.

There’s also factory unlocked, which is what Republic’s app based blended WiFi/cell service requires. Factory unlocked phones are carrier agnostic and have no traces of carrier branded software on the phone.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say finding a compatible used S6 is almost impossible but no question there’s a degree of difficulty involved. The key would be to ask any seller to verify the specific software build on the S6 you’d be considering. It must match one of the following:


Alternatively, if the seller still has the original box, ask them to verify the manufacturer’s SKU is SM-G920TZKAXAR. The part after SM-G920T is what distinguishes the North American factory unlocked variant that works with Republic from the T-Mobile carrier branded variant that doesn’t. Samsung made this more difficult than need be by using the same model number (SM-G920T) for both flavors of phone.

The correct S6 is actually still available for purchase directly from Samsung here: I understand the price tag may not be particularly attractive.



Thank you for all your useful information and your time! Let me repeat the gist of what I understand:
So all I really have to worry about is making sure the S6–

  • is factory unlocked

  • has one of the software builds listed above

  • has a SKU of SM-G920TZKAXAR (North American unlocked?)

As long as all of this is in line with whichever S6 I get, I will be able to use a Republic SIM card with it?

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You are correct. If bullet point 3 is met, bullet point 2 should follow but it certainly doesn’t hurt to confirm if possible.

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Excellent, thank you :slight_smile:

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